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Source: Netflix

'The OA' Season 2 Ending Gave Us Serious 'Truman Show' Vibes (SPOILERS)


Sometimes, good TV is hard to explain. That’s how we feel about Netflix’s The OA. Let’s just say, this is not a show you can watch while simultaneously scrolling on your phone. If you want to keep up with the plot, you’ve got to pay attention.

The drama’s second season was released on March 22, and with it came a lot of questions, mainly due to the fact that we haven’t seen these characters in over two years (the first eight episodes premiered on the streaming service back in December 2016). 

But what really threw us for a loop was that surprise ending. Basically, everything viewers thought they knew about the multi-dimensional universe might be a lie. Below, we dissect those mind-boggling final minutes. 

And just in case you need the warning, spoilers ahead!