This Is What Happened to the Real Members of the Bling Ring After Their Arrests

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Sep. 26 2022, Updated 4:47 p.m. ET

Alexis Haines
Source: Netflix

The four main members of the Bling Ring stole $3 million worth of designer clothes, artwork, and jewelry in the course of just one year.

The illustrious gang of glamour-loving thieves was formed in 2008 with the explicit purpose of breaking into celebrity houses, and wealthy people's vehicles.

Their worship-like practice garnered press attention in a short time frame, and they served as the main source of inspiration for Sophia Coppola's 2013 drama of the same title.

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Now, the group is, once again, a topic of discussion with the Netflix docuseries, The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist. The three-part series sheds new light on the group's motive to steal, and it features insight from two members, Alexis Haines (née Neiers) and Nick Prugo. Audrina Patridge, whose home was robbed during the stealing spree, also appeared on the series to share how violating of an experience it was.

Where is the real Bling Ring gang now? Find out what the group members are doing now.

Alexis Haines (née Neiers) started a family, and she appeared on the Netflix docuseries.

Alexis Haines
Source: Netflix

Alexis Haines served 30 days in prison, and she paid $600,000 restitution to Orlando Bloom for damaging his property. In 2010, she was arrested for the possession of black tar heroin.

She got married to Evan Haines in 2012, with whom she has two daughters, 9-year-old Harper and 6-year-old Dakota. The pair separated in December of 2021, months after they decided to open up their marriage (Alexis identifies as queer). Alexis filed for divorce in August of 2022.

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Alexis is vocal about her past issues with substance abuse, and she has been sober for 11 years. She spoke the Los Angeles Times to share why she decided to participate in Netflix's The Real Bling Ring.

"A couple of years ago, I just wished that my name and the Bling Ring would no longer be associated because I felt like I had done so much more with my life," she said. "And the longer I've been sober, I've realized that we don't heal by pushing away our recovery or our story, we recover by owning all of the messy, complex parts that often make it really magical."

Nick Norgo (née Prugo) has been married for five years.

Nick Prugo
Source: Netflix

Nick Prugo famously joined the gang of thieves in a bid to sustain his drug addiction.

As a 2010 Vanity Fair interview reveals, the new habit began as he started stealing luxury cars to maintain a certain standard of life, only it snowballed further into the looting of celebrity mansions.

Nick served 365 days in jail. He currently lives in Los Angeles, and he's been married for five years. He also decided to share his story for The Real Bling Ring.

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Jonathan Ajar returned to his old ways shortly after his prison sentence.

The only member of the criminal gang with a prior record, Jonathan Ajar (aka "Jonnie Dangerous") sold drugs to afford his extravagant lifestyle.

Renowned for his love of everything luxurious and over the top, Ajar garnered an enormous social media following with snaps showing him at hedonistic parties with Playboy Playmates, The Daily Beast notes.

Ajar was sentenced to three years in prison in 2011. He was released in March 2011, and per Nicki Swift, he's "been keeping himself out of trouble" ever since.

Diana Tamayo found her calling as a fitness instructor and nutritionist.

Renowned for her tiny frame ⁠— as the urban legend has it, Diana Tamayo could fit through dog doors — the criminal proved to be a vital asset to the group of gangsters. 

She was sentenced to three years in prison on probation and 60 days of community service in 2012. She disappeared from the public view after her release. According to The Daily Beast, she launched a new career as a fitness instructor. 

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"Hi, I have chosen not to talk to any media because I want that to be in my past. But I will say that my life has changed. I’ve found God and starting to get my career with fitness and nutrition going. Thank you, have a beautiful day," Tamayo told the news outlet in 2017.

A source close to Diana spoke with Us Weekly about what she was up to in 2018.

"Diana is a superpositive person who has a lot of faith," the source said. "She's now a personal trainer and happily married."

Courtney Leigh Ames vanished from the public eye.

Courtney Leigh Ames
Source: Getty Images

First caught wearing a necklace stolen from Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Leigh Ames made the rounds as one of the most brazen members of the notorious gang. 

She was sentenced to three years on probation and 60 days of community service in 2012, The Daily Beast reveals. She disappeared from the public view soon afterward.

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Rachel Jungeon Lee has been going to therapy and she also quit drinking alcohol.

A famous admirer of Audrina Patridge's, Rachel Jungeon Lee was sentenced to two years in prison for looting the house of The Hills alum. Rachel was hailed as the mastermind of the group, and she later referred to prison as a "blessing in disguise."

Renowned for her ice-cold temper and endless obsession with everything fashion and luxury-related, Lee has been attending therapy after her release from prison. She also quit drinking alcohol.

Roy Lopez Jr. was sentenced for three years on probation.

Roy Lopez was sentenced to three years on probation in 2012. He hasn't made a public appearance since.

The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist is available to stream on Netflix now.

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