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Source: instagram

Simone Johnson Is Starting to Follow in Her Father's WWE Footsteps


When it comes to professional wrestlers that have demonstrated tremendous crossover-entertainment, multi-platform potential, it's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment was a mega star in the WWE but always set his sights on film endeavors, branching out and doing a darn good job in many of his appearances. The Fast & Furious franchise became a mega blockbuster thanks to Dwayne.

And now, his daughter Simone Johnson is starting a WWE career of her own.

The Rock's daughter is training with the WWE.

It's been revealed that The Great One's progeny has officially signed with the WWE and has begun training full-time at the organization's performance center in Orlando, Florida. The 18-year-old was previously enrolled in the performance center program on a part-time basis, while finishing up high school, so she's been gearing up to furthering her family's pro-wrestling lineage for a while now.