Did Johnny Knoxville Just Reveal the Location of 'The White Lotus' Season 3?

There are already a slew of fan theories for the location of 'White Lotus' Season 3 — one of which may have just been confirmed by Johnny Knoxville.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Feb. 16 2023, Updated 10:42 p.m. ET

Ethan, Harper, Daphne, and Cameron in Season 2 of 'The White Lotus'
Source: HBO

Ethan, Harper, Daphne, and Cameron in Season 2 of 'The White Lotus.'

No sooner did Season 2 of The White Lotus come to an end than fans began trying to predict what would happen next in the season. Many have already come up with theories about Season 3's location and what they believe the next season of The White Lotus will be about.

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Whether or not any of the previous resort guests will reappear for the third season has yet to be seen, but that hasn't stopped fans from having some strong ideas about who they believe should stay on and where the location for the next resort should be.

Read on for a roundup of all the White Lotus Season 3 location theories — including one which may have already been accidentally confirmed by an unexpected source.

'The White Lotus' Sicily
Source: HBO
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'The White Lotus' Season 3 location could be in Japan.

When White Lotus fans discussed on Reddit where they think the third season should take place, one user commented that they fully believe it will be in either Japan or India. After all, creator Mike White already hinted that Season 3 will be a "satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality," which, of course, seems to point towards an Asian location.

Other fans on social media have tended to agree with the Redditor's prediction of Japan. Not only would it make for beautiful scenery, but can't you just imagine some of the more entitled resort guests getting lost in downtown Tokyo?

Well, spoiler alert! Because it's looking like Tokyo might just be where we're headed.

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In a February 2023 interview with Vulture, Johnny Knoxville (of all people) spoke about wanting to take part in Season 3 of The White Lotus, and accidentally seemed to confirm its location.

"[Creator] Mike White is a very close friend of mine," he told the outlet. "He and I had been in Tokyo together. I think that’s where the next … oh, I’m not giving anything away."

While that seems like a pretty big slip on Johnny Knoxville's part, let's take a look at a few more fan theories and recommendations.

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The third season could be set on a luxury cruise ship instead of a resort on land.

Although it's not common for a resort to also have a location at sea, according to some fans, the third season should be on a cruise ship. The idea of a group of wealthy guests essentially trapped in open water is too much to pass up. Add to that the possibility of one or more of them missing the ship after a stop in a seaside town and we have enough drama for an entire season.

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Season 3 of 'The White Lotus' could work at a ski resort too.

One White Lotus fan shared online that they think Season 3 could work at a ski resort, specifically in the Swiss Alps. This location would certainly add to the idea of international locations of the luxury resort. And, it would mean more ways to kill off whichever character (or characters) die at the start of the season.

'The White Lotus' could explore more of the white savior complex in South Africa.

Another TikTok user made a video about a few different possible White Lotus locations, including South Africa. They said the location would make it possible to involve some self-righteous guests who are intent on alleged mission work.

Some of those same guests would also likely lean into the white savior complex that Albie seems to have in Season 2 as he attempts to save Sicilian local Lucia from a life of sex work, even though she seems to enjoy her profession.

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Greece feels like an obvious option for some 'White Lotus' fans.

Some fans on social media have also mentioned Greece for Season 3. It seems like an obvious option, given the scenery alone. Similar to the Season 2 location, Greece could offer guests some local lore and even danger.

Some 'White Lotus' fans think Season 3 could take place in Mexico.

Plenty of real-life Americans travel to Mexico to stay at a number of different resorts. But if The White Lotus takes place there, something tells us it will be full of far more local excursions outside of the safety of the resort walls than some guests are used to.

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Valentina in 'The White Lotus' Season 2
Source: HBO

Sabrina Impacciatore plays Valentina in 'The White Lotus' Season 2.

Or, the location of 'The White Lotus' Season 3 could be Morocco.

Filming The White Lotus in Morocco for Season 3 would offer the same feel as that of a season in Greece or South Africa, so it's not exactly unique as a theory. But it also makes sense, given the way the show seems intent on taking viewers around the world rather than staying in the same general area.

One thing we can all count on, however, is that Season 3 of The White Lotus will deliver yet another murder mystery while providing satirical social commentary and keeping up laughing along the way.

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