Season 2 of 'The Wilds' on Prime Video Left Fans With a Massive Cliffhanger (SPOILERS)

Timelines finally converge in the Season 2 finale of 'The Wilds.' Are the two control groups finally able to escape Gretchen's twisted grasp?

Katherine Stinson - Author

May 10 2022, Published 10:00 p.m. ET

Toni Shalifoe (Erana James) in 'The Wilds'
Source: Prime Video

Toni is a survivor of "The Dawn of Eden" control group.

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers for Season 2 of The Wilds on Prime Video.

What happens when a dream vacation turns into a nightmare after your plane crashes on a remote island? That's the central premise of the hit Prime Video series The Wilds. Eight teenage girls are left to fend for themselves.

Season 1 eventually revealed that the girls were actually the victims of a social experiment, led by the disgraced former professor Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths).

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Season 2 of The Wilds revealed that Gretchen's "Dawn of Eve" experiment was just the beginning. She had also set up the same experiment with a group of teenage guys to see how long they could survive on their own.

There are four timelines in Season 2. There's the timeline showing the girls still trying to survive on the island, a timeline of the guys trying to survive on the island, a timeline showing how the guys got to the island, and the present day where the survivors are being questioned.

What happened in 'The Wilds' Season 2 ending?

The Wilds Season 2 finale opens up with a flashback. Shelby (Mia Healey) sings at a bar while Toni (Erana James) admires her performance from the audience.

Shelby is creepily confronted by Gretchen after the performance in her dressing room. Gretchen presents her with a red and blue candy, telling her, "All I want is for you to choose." She wakes up from her dream in a cold sweat in the present day timeline.

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Meanwhile, in the girls surviving on the island timeline, Shelby and Fatin (Sophia Ali) realize that Nora's (Helena Howard) journal contained a map of the island. Dot (Shannon Berry), Rachel (Reign Edwards), and Toni keep watch over Martha (Jenna Clause), who's still in a coma-like state.

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Leah (Sarah Pidgeon) hallucinates that she's stuck on a rock in the middle of the ocean with her former lover Jeff (Carter Hudson). Jeff suggests that she should just stay there forever on one of the broken plane wings floating in the ocean.

However, Leah finally breaks free from Jeff and her hallucination. She's determined to help the rest of the girls.

Shelby and Fatin discover a communication device high up in a tree. They mutually decide not to reveal their discovery yet to the other girls. Leah reunites with her group and it seems like the girls have a rare moment of peace...until they notice a helicopter flying up above them!

Little do they know that their rescue will lead to a whole new array of problems.

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(L-R) Fatin (Sophia Taylor Ali) and Leah (Sarah Pidgeon)
Source: Prime Video

Fatin holds an exhausted Leah close.

Some of the guys jump ship on their last day.

During the guys' timeline on the island, Seth (Alex Fitzalan) lies and tells the guys that he randomly found a boat washed up on the island. Rafael (Zack Calderon) and Kirin (Charles Alexander) decide to join Seth in the boat after they get it running.

However, things quickly go awry. Rafael nearly beats Seth to death on the boat, until Kirin stops him by saying, "There's a boat!"

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Finally, the timelines converge in the present day. Every survivor is handed a mysterious envelope at the research facility. Gretchen wants to see Leah first and foremost. She tries to butter Leah up with a drink and some compliments, but Leah doesn't take the bait.

Gretchen finally admits that the social experiment was her twisted way of trying to prove women's strength. However, she ironically underestimates Leah's courage and cunning.

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It turns out Leah had devised an elaborate, clever scheme all along using a crucial phone call to her friend Ian (James Peter Fraser) and Gretchen's son Devon (Elliott Giarola) as a vital link for info on Gretchen.

Ian delivers a file on Gretchen to the FBI, and it seems like Leah finally has the upper hand on Gretchen. She and the girls finally meet the guys of "The Twilight of Adam" control group.

They're all shocked when Gretchen's voice welcomes them to the revolution. "And now, we begin," she says, ominously. It turns out Gretchen fled the scene and destroyed all of the evidence that would implicate her of a crime.

Now the girls and guys are left stranded once again. Will they find a way out? Hopefully Prime Video renews The Wilds for a third season so we can get answers!

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