Here's All the Info You Need About the Medallions in 'The Witcher'

Netflix's new fantasy show 'The Witcher' features an extremely intriguing magic realm, and one of the more interesting points is the sorcerer's necklace.

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Dec. 20 2019, Updated 5:56 p.m. ET

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Netflix just released the new fantasy series The Witcher, based on the book and video game series of the same name. While the series has dropped with some mixed reviews from viewers, fans of the original series are continuously looking for similarities. One element that carried from the video games to the show has been the necklace that Geralt wears — which is actually a medallion. Here's what we know about it.

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What does the medallion do?

In the video game series, the medallion starts as a helpful piece of equipment for the player, alerting them when there are either monsters or magic nearby. This helps the player know when there is danger nearby, or if they have it tuned to look for magic, when they are near a place of power.

This worked with most of the magical beings in the game, except for dopplers and higher vampires, who couldn't be detected by the medallion. 

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The medallion was only significant in the first and second games, though, as those powers were later adapted by the character in the third installment in the video game series. Instead, the medallion would vibrate at infrequent intervals, sometimes indicating danger or to give the player a clue.

What role does the necklace play in The Witcher Netflix series?

The Netflix series deviated from the video games in this aspect. While the medallion still exists, there's more focus put on the different symbols that are associated with the series' main characters.

There are three symbols attached to the different characters: a wolf for Geralt, a Zireael (presenting as a swallow) for Ciri, and an Obsidian Star for Yennefer.

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For Ciri, the Zireael is a sword that was forged by gnomes in Tir Tochair, which was later presented to her as a gift. She was then forced to use this sword in battle, where she inevitably killed Bonhart. After the battle, Ciri keeps three medallions from the slain Bonhart, but the one she keeps in the book is a cat. It's likely the Zireael is represented as a swallow in the Netflix series because it better represents her character arc.

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Yennefer's medallion, featuring the Obsidian Star, has a less clear significance to her. In the games, she is consistently seen with this medallion though, leading some to believe that her magic is tied to it, or it has some other significance to her.

The white wolf symbol that is associated with Geralt, though, closely resembles the white wolf that's on the medallion around his neck. It is a reoccurring symbol in the franchise that they continued to associate with the series' main character.

Can you get your own medallion?

Even though the series was just recently released, thanks to The Witcher being a long-standing franchise, you can still get merchandise inspired by it. There's a replica that's more closely associated with the medallion in the video game series on Amazon right now, and we're sure as the series begins to pick up speed, you'll find more related merchandise popping up elsewhere.

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