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15 Three-Day Weekend Memes That Will Help You Forget (Momentarily) About COVID-19



What’s a three-day weekend like in the middle of a global health crisis? Your guess is as good as ours, but it probably won't be like any other Memorial Day you've experienced. 

Still, even if you've been working from home the past two months, that doesn't change the fact that we could all use a break from the seemingly endless Zoom calls that have slowly been taking over our lives. Scroll down for some much needed long weekend memes that are guaranteed to make you laugh and say, "That's SO true!"

Our favorite place to be no matter how long our weekend is.

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By "pace yourself" we think they mean "limit how many times you have to get up from the couch."

We should've known that 'Arthur' had all the answers.

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Be like Buster Baxter and cherish the joy that is a three-day weekend! Order a pizza for an extra dose of awesomeness.

We understand, Bill.

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Three-day weekends may not be as talented as Ariana Grande, but they bring us just as much joy.

The hills are alive with the sound of meat sizzling on a grill.

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If we could shout our excitement from the Swiss Alps like Fraulein Maria, we would.

How we'll react when all U.S. beaches reopen.

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There's nothing like the feeling of sand between your toes... and other places.

Sleep is great, but so are wine coolers.

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If you don't sleep in at least one day during a three-day weekend than you've wasted a golden opportunity.

Sundays got the lousy end of the deal, TBH.

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The creeping sense of dread that builds up as you begin to anticipate the work week doesn't have to ruin your Sunday for once!

Be like this baby and DANCE.

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We haven't been this excited about a Sunday night since Game of Thrones was on.

Your "friend" Mandy from high school never did pay attention in class.

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Both involve the U.S. armed forces, but only one honors those who died serving our country.

We always want more.

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Why stop at three-day weekends? A full week off of work would definitely put us in a patriotic mood.

This will be harder to pull off if you're stuck in quarantine.

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DO NOT pull a Tiger Woods and get arrested for driving under the influence, but definitely let off some steam in a safer and much more legal way.

The struggle is real.

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But instead of a city street, picture us crawling from our bed to the sofa where our laptop is located.

Not today, Karen. Not today!

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That 9 a.m. video conference on Tuesday morning is going to be SO ROUGH.

We can always count on 'Golden Girls' for quality meme content.

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If Blanche Devereaux can laugh through the pain, so can you! Hopefully you'll be able to do it in pajamas this year.

Yes, this also applies to the post-coronavirus era.

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Memorial Day Weekend 2020 looks a little different than previous years, but summer is still summer... even when everyone is wearing face masks.

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