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Source: Discovery

'Moonshiners' Fan Favorite, Tickle, Had a Moonshine-Themed Wedding


Moonshiners might seem like an odd premise for a show. Can you imagine the production meeting where a bunch of executives said, "Hey let's record a bunch of folks who enjoy illegally brewing delicious, yet completely unregulated, alcoholic beverages, and make a TV show phenomenon out of it!"

But like most shows, viewers are more interested in the "cast" on camera, and Moonshiners has more than its fair share of colorful characters, like Steven Ray Tickle, who was recently married.

The man known simply as "Tickle" got hitched to his sweetheart, Carol, in a copper, moonshine-themed ceremony. And by moonshine-themed I don't mean that there was simply a bunch of 'shine for folks to imbibe as part of their matrimonial celebration. While I'm sure that was the case, their wedding looked like a moonshining rig was transformed into a design language. From wood, to copper fixtures, down to the shimmering bronze dresses bridesmaids wore, it all looked very moonshiney.