'My 600-Lb Life' Star Tiffany Barker Is Following the Trendiest Diet of 2019



Is there any better way to break up the week than by looking forward to Wednesday evening's hour-long episode of TLC's My 600-lb Life? After all, the show's got drama, struggle, adversity and usually an amusing cast of resilient characters viewers can cheer on from their couches.

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Tonight's episode will tell the story of Tiffany Barker, an almost 29-year-old who ballooned to over 600 pounds as a result of a food-related childhood trauma. When she was 9, Tiffany's mother got a full-time job and her obese father made all of the household cooking Tiffany's responsibility.

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As a result, Tiffany was forced to grow up before her time. But the cooking responsibilities instilled in her a passion for all things culinary. That is, until her love of eating food began to hinder her ability to prepare it.

"Shopping for food is something I absolutely love. Aside from eating, it's my favorite thing to do," she said in a clip ahead of tonight's episode. After Tiffany finished her studies, she decided to go into the service industry and landed a job at a banquet. This was her dream come true until she was too big to get around the kitchen and was fired.

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Source: Instagram

Where is Tiffany now?

After a whirlwind few years during which Tiffany fell into a deep depression and brought her weight upwards of 600 pounds, she began working as an internet model and forged a relationship with now-boyfriend Aaron Coronado.  

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Aaron has stuck with Tiffany through the thick and thin and even relocated to Houston to be with her as she underwent Dr. Now's treatment. And though they go through their share of relationship drama during the course of Tiffany's episode — namely whether Aaron is truly committed to his girlfriend if she does accomplish her weight-loss goal — it looks from their Facebook pages that the couple is still together today.

Source: Instagram
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Tiffany seems to have shed a ton of weight and to have taken up her love of cooking once again. Recently, she shared photos to her Instagram page in which she prepared shish kebabs for her boyfriend and BFF Jasmine. In another, she documented a sushi class in Houston where she learned to make "ketogenic friendly options."

What is the keto diet?

For those who aren't familiar, the ketogenic diet is the latest in the nutrition trends. It advocates for a high-fat, adequate-protein, and low-carb diet. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates, and many consider it a very effective regimen for losing weight.

It's a huge change for Tiffany, who we once saw shopping indiscriminately at her local grocery store. Also, can we talk about how and why TLC blurs every single food product? What if viewers get a craving for whatever munchies the stars are indulging in? Seems like a missed opportunity to us.

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Source: TLC

Follow Tiffany's progress on Facebook and Instagram.

Unlike many other My 600-lb Life stars, Tiffany is quite open on social media about her progress. On Instagram, her bio reads "hair, food, and weight loss. It's a strange combo, but let's face it, I'm far from normal." You can follow her account here.

Over on Facebook, the dog lover is very excited about her TLC episode. She's shared a couple of clips ahead of her episode tonight and friends and followers are clamoring on her page about getting ready to record the show. You can follow her page and see the adorable pups she shares and fundraises for, here.

Keep up the good work, Tiffany! And if you read this, let us know how to that keto diet is treating you.

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