The Corn Song Is Trending on TikTok Right Now –– Where Did it Come From?

The corn song is viral and trending on TikTok right now. Where's it from? Here are some details about the origin of the corn song.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Aug. 26 2022, Published 1:53 p.m. ET

One of the most precious and adorable trends to land on TikTok in 2022 features a song about corn. It stems from a sweet interview where a young boy was given the chance to describe why he loves corn so much.

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Now, the boy's words have been turned into a trending sound. People are using it to describe the things they love in life the most including working from home, driving convertibles, eating pizza, sleeping in late, and taking trips to Starbucks.

Here are more details about the origin of the corn song.

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The interview that inspired the corn song on TikTok is incredibly precious.

Julian Shapiro-Barnum, the host of @RecessTherapy, is a New York native who shared a sweet interview on TikTok with his followers. The video begins with the boy saying, "For me, I really like corn!"

Julian asks, "What do you like about corn?"

He responds, "Ever since I was told that corn was real, it tasted good!"

Julian asks, "Did you think corn wasn't real?"

The boy ignores Julian to say, "And then when I tried it with butter, everything changed! I love corn. Mmm, corn."

Julian asks him, "Do you think everyone should be eating corn?"

To that, the boy says, "No, not everyone has to like it to be the best. You just have to try it. Have a bite!"

Later he holds up his corn on the cob and says, "I mean, look at this guy. I can't imagine a more beautiful thing. It's corn!"

Julian asks, "Can you describe corn to someone who's never tasted it before?"

The boy explains, "A big lump with knobs ... and it has juice!"

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Julian asks him, "How much do you think corn should cost?"

The boy matter-of-factly responds, "One dollar. I hope you have a corn-tastic day!"

He finishes the interview by taking several bites of his corn on the cob with a smile on his face. The video is beyond precious and has pulled in thousands of likes and views so far.

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Julian posted a follow-up video with the same boy after noticing that the first clip received so much positive feedback. In the follow-up TikTok, Julian asks the boy to describe three different ways to eat corn before asking him to invent a "corn dance." The boy also describes what it means to love something wholeheartedly as much as he loves corn.

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The corn song is being used by plenty of TikTokers now.

One TikToker named @EricaRifkin posted a funny video on her page about how the corn song is preventing her from focusing on work and getting her tasks handled. Instead of reading the textbook laid out in front of her, she grabs her bottle of soda to use as a mic and starts lip-syncing the lyrics.

The user who actually edited the interview into a song is named @Schmoyoho. In his video, he adds piano keys into the background until the adorable song comes together for others to use. His video has been liked more than 5.6 million times by TikTokers so far.

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