Guys on TikTok Are Using the “No Beard” Filter to Freak out Their Girlfriends

These TikTok “No Beard” filter videos show guys who have found the filter on Snapchat and then shocked their partners with the horrifying results.


Feb. 28 2021, Updated 7:16 p.m. ET

Thanks to the power of social media filters, users can try out different hairstyles before committing to them — or just to frighten their significant others. In fact, some TikTok users are using the “No Beard” filter to terrify themselves and others.

TikTok user @ifeelbernie, for example, made his partner gasp at the sight of his suddenly clean-shaven visage. “Traumatizing the love of my life with the ‘No Beard’ filter,’” he wrote in his caption.

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Men are using the "no beard" filter to freak out their girlfriends and wives — and then posting it on TikTok.

TikTok user @d_lemon also used the filter, and his boo screamed when she saw the results. “No!” she exclaimed. “No!

@leemsnow followed suit. His partner’s reaction? “Uh, no, you can’t shave.” His reaction? “I mean, you know, it’s accurate, though,” he said with a laugh.

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Meanwhile, @owen.oj used the filter to make his long red beard vanish into thin air. “Oh, that’s weird!” his wife, Faye, observed in that clip. “That doesn’t even look like what you used to look like.” (In his caption, @owen.oj added that Faye didn’t want to kiss his “nakey, nakey” face.)

And in a video from @ms.letohic, a guy named Kal is dismayed by his appearance with the filter. “I look like Fat Bastard [from Austin Powers].” (“He really does, though,” @ms.lehotic adds. “It’s horrifying.”)

The "no beard" filter is “nightmare fuel.”

People are reacting to the filter on Twitter, too. “‘No Beard’ filter, a little scary,” one Reddit user wrote. And a Twitter user observed, “The ‘No Beard’ filter on Snapchat is nightmare fuel.”

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Source: TikTok

Perhaps the filter is “nightmare fuel” because it doesn’t work perfectly. As the TikTok clips above show, waxy-looking skin is digitally superimposed over a person’s existing beard, and if the person has a particularly long beard, their facial hair will abruptly jut out midway down their neck.

Anyway, a different person tweeted, “There’s a ‘No Beard’ filter on Snapchat, and I’m having too much fun with it.”

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Here's how to get the “no beard” filter on Snapchat.

As TikTok user @d_lemon explains, the “no beard” filter can be found on Snapchat, not TikTok. To access the filter for yourself, open Snapchat, tap the camera tab, then tap the filter button to the right of the shutter button. Next, tap “Explore,” and search for “No Beard.”

Once you have the filter active, you can record a video on Snapchat, save it to your camera roll, and share it on TikTok.

Source: TilTok
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People are asking for another kind of “no beard” filter.

Speaking of the beard vs. no-beard divide, some Twitter users want dating apps and websites to have filters for hirsuteness.

“They really need filters for Tinder,” one user tweeted. “Like a ‘beard or no beard’ filter.”

Another wrote, “There should be a ‘beard’ or ‘no beard’ filter on dating websites. Just saying.”

And a third tweet: “@okcupid, why can’t dating sites just have a beard/no beard filter?”

Between those comments and the TikTok videos above, it certainly seems like people have strong opinions about facial hair!

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