Woman Calls Out Customer for "Mansplaining" Her Job to Her — "I Work Here"

TikToker Rae Lynn Carson (@raelynncarson) shares their experience with a male customer who thought he was smarter than them. It's so cringeworthy.

Kelly Corbett - Author

May 13 2023, Updated 9:10 a.m. ET

The customer isn't always right. In fact, sometimes the customer is so wrong that it's almost painful to watch. In the TikTok below, we meet creator Rae Lynn Carson (@raelynncarson), who explains an interaction they had at work with an unnecessarily rude and condescending customer.

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Warning: This article contains mansplaining. Keep reading for all the cringeworthy details.

A worker shared a rant on TikTok about a customer mansplaining their job to them.

"If you're going to come into the store — the place where I work — hot and heavy with attitude, I'm already going to be a little [thrown off]," says Rae as they make a perplexed face while filming a video in their car. They continue to tell a cringe-filled tale of a male customer who clearly thought he knew more than employees.

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This male customer came in (clearly in a bad mood!) and asked Rae where he could find the store's Hardiplank section. (For context, HardiPlank refers to a type of fiber-cement siding that's made up of wood pulp, cellulose fibers, and cement components).

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Rae explains that it would have to be ordered since the store doesn't technically stock it, but they do have a few pieces in the back from old orders.

Ignoring what they said, he insists: "Well, I need a HardiPlank"

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Trying to be courteous, Rae asked him what size of HardiPlank he needs. He explains to them, "There's only one size."

Knowing that isn't correct, Rae asked him what size he wants and he provided a measurement. They then escort him to a HardiPlank section and show him the product. When Rae asks him if that's what he's looking for, he responds: "No, it's not. That's the right material, but not the right size."

Rae then asks him if he would like to measure it, to which he says, "No, I know that's the smaller size." (At this point, it is very obvious that there are different sizes, yet he refuses to acknowledge it).

Rae showed him some larger HardiPlanks and he is finally satisfied. But of course, Rae is left wondering why he doubted them and was so hostile about it.

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"Sir, I work here," they scream into the camera as if he's actually there. "I know what's here and if I don't know, I will 100 percent tell you that I have no idea."

As they end their video, they sarcastically say, "I love customer service."

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Source: TikTok
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In the comments, users praised Rae for their top-tier storytelling skills. Others who also worked in customer service chimed in with similar stories.

"I got accused of keeping the 'good' toasters in the back. What??" wrote one user.

Another user teased: "I've wanted to take my name tag off and hand it to them and say 'you know more than me, it's your job now' but I don't, cause customer service."

Source: TikTok

Not one person sided with the man. Bottom line: the customer is not always right. Also, there are multiple sizes of HardiPlank.

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