The TikTok Rizz Party Meme Is Trending Online, but What Is It?

The TikTok Rizz Party refers to a group of boys who rapped along to Kanye West's song 'Carnival.'


Apr. 4 2024, Published 11:37 a.m. ET

Thanks to a single viral video that features a group of primarily white boys rapping along to Kanye West's "Carnival," the phrase TikTok Rizz Party is now all over TikTok. If you're a bit confused as to what this phrase is supposed to mean, though, you can take some comfort from the fact that you aren't alone.

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Plenty of people have seen the video or references to it without fully understanding the layers of an inside joke that are circulating it. Below, we'll unpack exactly where the TikTok Rizz Party meme comes from and why so many have decided to apply it to this video.

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What does the TikTok Rizz Party meme have to do with the 'Carnival' boys?

The phrase TikTok Rizz Party first emerged in May 2023 when an Instagram user with the handle @23ryan_ posted a picture to his Story of a flyer for a TikTok Rizz Party. @23ryan_ posted the photo to make fun of the party and said that he likely wouldn't be attending.

Other people were amused by the notion of TikTok users gathering to celebrate their own charisma and they decided to keep the phrase alive.

The phrase still existed, though, but it was relatively dormant until someone found a video that seemed to fit it perfectly. A few weeks ago, the TikTok account @islandentertainment was hired to film a local girl's sweet 16 party, and while they were there, the cameraman happened to capture a group of boys who started aggressively singing along to Kanye West's song "Carnival," featuring Rich the Kid and Playboi Carti.

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The video quickly went viral online and led to various other videos that provided commentary on the video or parodied it. And, almost as quickly, the video came to be known ironically as the TikTok Rizz Party because the kids in the video seemed so aggressively uncool.

The comments under the video were ruthless, but it undeniably raised the profile of the kids at the center of the video.

Source: TikTok @islandentertainment
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There's nothing all that terrible in the video.

Although it has become a trendy object of ridicule, the video itself isn't all that offensive or crazy. It's just a group of young guys bopping along to a song that they all like and know the words to. Are most of those guys really white? Sure, but they aren't doing anything other than enjoying a song together.

Teenagers today have much more of their lives documented than the older generations who are spending some of their time making fun of them. The video may make you cringe, but here's hoping that the jokey comments being made about these boys don't have any impact on their overall mental well-being.

Thankfully, most trends on TikTok don't last all that long. These boys may be getting a little more hate than they actually deserve, but users on the platform will eventually move onto something else that makes them laugh, roll their eyes, or maybe both.

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