A Person Claiming to Be a Time Traveler from 2582 Has Gone Viral on TikTok

A person claiming to be a time traveler from 2582 has gone viral on TikTok. The account has shared "insight" from the future, including important dates.

Shannon Raphael - Author

May 5 2021, Updated 3:13 p.m. ET

TikTok Time Traveler 2582
Source: TikTok

Though TikTok has allowed many people to be whoever they want to be with unique online personas, a few have taken this idea to the next level by posing as time travelers.

One steady trend on the app is that users will create anonymous accounts to pretend to be someone from the future. These profiles will often feature videos "from the future" that attempt to show that the Earth and its inhabitants are headed in a dark direction.

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The creator behind the @AuthenticTimeTraveler page claims to be from the year 2582. The feed has gone viral on TikTok because some of the videos make predictions for dates that are in the near future. 

Though the page is just the latest in a series of time traveling accounts, the user behind it has made a bold claim for May 8, 2021. 

Source: TikTok
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Anonymous time traveler accounts have been going viral on TikTok.

Back in March of 2021, a TikTok user named Javier (@unicosobreviviente) got attention online by claiming that he would be the last remaining survivor on Earth by the year 2027.

Without showing his face or sharing further details about his identity, Javier had some users convinced that he really was from the future (while most are still skeptical). 

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Javier's account now has more than 2.9 million followers, and he's continued to post videos from "the future," which mainly feature spaces across Spain that are empty.  

His presence as the preeminent anonymous time traveler on the app was rivaled when the @AuthenticTimeTraveler account began posting.

The latest TikTok time traveler claims to be from the year 2582.

Though the Authentic Time Traveler page was also started in March of 2021, it started to get a lot of attention when a video predicted that a new planet would be discovered on May 8, 2021. 

In a now-viral video, which was posted on May 1, the person behind the @AuthenticTimeTraveler page asserted that astronauts would find another planet with similar qualities to Earth.

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"Attention. This video is not a joke. I am a real time traveler from the year 2582," the text on the video read. "On May 8th, 2021, astronauts will discover a planet exactly like Earth in our solar system. It will be an exact clone of our Earth, with a mirrored effect. This is the first time we find other human life in the galaxy."

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The account features dozens of other videos from the perspective of a time traveler from 2582, but none have received as much attention as the May 8 prediction.

While some of these other posts have prophesied things that will transpire years from now, the videos that get the most views are the ones that include predictions for the near future. 

The page's creator has not been identified at this time. Many followers have asked the Authentic Time Traveler for proof or footage from the future to corroborate the claims. 

In a video posted on May 4, the TikTok star promised to share videos from the future and a face reveal if more than 10,000 people subscribe to the Authentic Time Traveler YouTube page

The veracity of this time traveler's planet prediction will be proven once May 8, 2021 passes. 

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