TikTok Has Tons of Valentine's Day Crafts to Do With Your Kids

TikTok has a plethora of parent users, and they're sharing ideas of Valentine's Day craft ideas that you can do today.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Feb. 10 2022, Published 3:25 p.m. ET

TikTok Valentine's Day Crafts
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For some, TikTok isn't the first place they think to look for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. But if you wade through all of the Euphoria theory videos and random livestreams of people slowly cracking eggs, you’ll find them.

There was a time when Pinterest was the best online platform for finding Valentine’s Day craft ideas. These days, TikTok has people saying, "Pinterest who?" thanks to the sheer amount of videos across thousands of accounts showing off V-Day crafts.

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There are lots of ideas you can do with kids of all ages and, shall we say, attention spans. Read on to see the crafts you can make right now!

Heart Canvas

This Valentine's Day craft involves a small canvas and little hearts cut out of tissue paper. You use water to brush the hearts onto the canvas. Then, you seal it with glue brushed on top.

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Q-Tip Heart

For this one, you use a Q-Tip to dot around a heart cut-out on another piece of paper. Then, you pull the heart away and the result is a white heart surrounded by a myriad of colored dots.

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Hand Print Flowers

To make these hand print flowers, you’ll need your kid’s hand — the smaller the hand is, the better this works. Cover the palm in paint and press it to a blank sheet of paper. From there, your kid can paint a green stem and leaves and any other details they want to add to the picture. If you have multiple children, you can make a bouquet!

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Shaving Cream Hearts

This one is part sensory project / part Valentine's Day craft. You'll need foam shaving cream and paint. Once you mix it together in a shallow pan, you can press a heart cut-out into it. After you pull the heart back, you'll have a unique swirl design.

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Valentine's Day Gnomes

Using your kid's hand as the basis for this Valentine's Day gnome means you get a keepsake you can hang onto for years. You'll also need some patterned card stock for the gnome hat and a little heart emblem for the middle of the gnome's body.

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Cut-Out Heart Flowers

The best part about this craft might be that there’s no glue or paint involved, so it's virtually mess-free. All you need to do is make some small paper hearts. Use a hole punch to create holes through which you can stick a small wooden dowel. Then, display the "flowers" around your house.

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Bubble Wrap Painting

Wrap your kid's hand in bubble wrap and let them go wild on a paper with large drawn hearts on it. When the paint dries, you can cut out the hearts. The best part? You probably won't have to wash any tiny hands afterward.

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Heart Sun-Catchers

If you're willing to put in just a tad more work, you can grab some clear contact paper and tissue paper to make these heart sun-catchers. Just carefully press small pieces of tissue paper onto a sticky side of the contact paper. Lay another sheet on top of that and cut out a heart shape. You can then hang it on any window.

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Valentine's Day Vase

Use glue to press small tissue paper hearts onto the outside of a Mason jar. Use more glue on top once the entire exterior is covered and then fill the vase with real flowers — or fake ones you make yourself.

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Crayon Hearts

You'll have to invest in a silicone tray of heart molds for this one, but it's a worthy purchase that you can use for future projects, too. Place broken crayons in each heart without the paper on them. Then, bake the silicone tray in an oven at 250 degrees for 10 minutes. After they cool, you'll have heart-shaped crayons.

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Valentine's Day Wreath

Making a Valentine's Day wreath with your kids has never been easier, thanks to a simple paper plate and some paint. Just cut out the inside of the plate and use the exterior wavy circle as your base. You can add some glitter and paper heart cut-outs to make it fancy.

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Valentine Play-Doh

This homemade Play-Doh is easy to make and can be enjoyed for a while after Valentine's Day ends. All you need is flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, and flower petals. Add the petals last after mixing the other ingredients and let the dough chill overnight.

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Pom Pom Heart Project

Use small craft pom pom balls to dip into paint and create hearts all over a large blank sheet of paper. That's it. Your kids can make hearts out of the pom pom dots or they can just use typical Valentine's Day colors to cover the entire sheet.

Crafting can be messy for kids of all ages, but we can now thank the internet gods that TikTok has a healthy mix of messy and mostly mess-free Valentine's Day crafts.

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