Airbnb Guest Asks If "There’s a Cap" on Rules for Rental Property During Her Stay

An Airbnb renter goes over the many rules, signs, and warnings at her rental, which asks the question of how worth it the location really is.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jun. 29 2023, Published 2:50 p.m. ET

There was a time when renting an Airbnb was almost a novelty to some. Now, it feels more like a chore to those same people. And after a user on TikTok by the name of Becky Levin Narvarro (@beckypearlatx) shared her experience with the amount of rules and instructions she faced at her rental, I can't really blame the anti-Airbnb movement for its thoughts on the rental property company.

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OK, maybe it isn't a movement as much as it's an idea among those who have become jaded after renting an Airbnb and being forced to do so much cleanup and follow so many rules that checking out becomes a literal chore for them. Renting out an Airbnb can definitely be a catch-22.

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You sometimes get an entire property to yourself and avoid a sketchy hotel. But then, at the end of your stay, you're expected to become an unofficial housekeeper and during your stay, you may have to follow a litany of rules. Yeah, it can be a lot, as shown in the TikTok video. Except in this user's case, according to some of the comments, it was more like staying in a museum than a rental home.

An Airbnb guest shares the rules at her rental.

We’ve all been there. You make an Airbnb reservation and show up to the adorable house, only to find out that someone got a little too happy with their label maker and that almost every door and cabinet is locked shut.

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But with Becky’s Airbnb rental, things were on a whole other level. Upon entry, she noticed that almost everything, from the china cabinet to the dining room table, has a carefully typed up note to let guests know what not to do.

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The china cabinet has a sign that warns guests its contents are “antique and fragile.” An unidentified “decorative piece” has a sign that claims it’s “10,000 years old.” Other signs around the home include warnings against jumping on beds and not using place mats for a family heirloom dining room table.

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Don’t get me wrong — rules at an Airbnb are totally fine. Within reason. But if the owner has such high expectations of their guests and concerns about their belongings, then maybe renting out their home as an Airbnb isn't the best idea for them for some passive income.

One comment asked if the Airbnb is a museum.

Even though some of the rules in the Airbnb are somewhat reasonable (wiping things down with soap and water as opposed to harsh chemicals isn’t the end of the world), the comments prove that this is just too much. It's one thing to ask guests to place linens near the washer upon check-out. It's another to put Great-Grandma Sue's priceless furniture in their hands.

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One TikTok user commented on the video to say that it’s “wreckless” of the owners to keep their seemingly priceless items in an Airbnb.

Another wrote, “Is this a museum?” And honestly, that’s the vibe I got after watching the TikTok user go through the home and show viewers every laminated sign or label.

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Speaking of which, you really can’t not 'heart' the comment that said, “Me when I get my hands on a label maker … No stopping now.” But again, this is just overkill and the TikTok comments are here to prove that.

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Other TikTok users are curious about the reviews of the Airbnb property from previous renters. Those reviews can’t all be five stars with signs and labels like that. Even the most reasonable Airbnb guest is going to take issue with those taped-up signs throughout the house.

Let's not forget that these very old and very important items in the home don't have to be included in the Airbnb rental. But, it seems, the owners are intent on leaving their items put, so long as their guests heed their warnings.

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Most of those who commented on the video are in agreement that the owners probably shouldn’t rent out their home at all.

It’s hard not to agree with that, given the sign that says “do not touch” on a literal cactus. I mean, isn’t that what the one locked closet door is for in these VRBO or Airbnb rentals?

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