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Source: Twitter / iStock Photo

Town Seemingly Banned Trick-or-Treating For Kids Over 12 Years Old


Trick-or-treating is the thing to do on Halloween. Spooky decorations? Free candy? What could be better? When I was growing up, I trick-or-treated every year, first with my parents, then with my friends when I was old enough. I stopped sometime in high school when my mom told me she would buy me all the candy I wanted instead. I didn't really like dressing up anyway, so you better believe I took her up on her offer.

But for many, putting on costumes and asking for candy is a joy, and I get it! I do! One grumpy town doesn't, though. Chesapeake, Virginia recently passed some Halloween-related ordinances that puts them toe-to-toe with that town in Footloose that banned dancing. And they went completely viral for it. 

Source: Twitter