Trisha Paytas Is Opening up About Her Experiences With Jeffree Star

Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star have long had some drama, but Trisha is opening up about all of it in her latest YouTube video.

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Jan. 15 2021, Published 9:15 p.m. ET

Controversial influencers Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas are engaged in some drama, as Trisha is calling him out on his "mean girl s--t." In early 2020, Trisha and Jeffree, along with several in Jeffree's entourage including his hairstylist, known online as Hair by Jay, were spending time in Las Vegas. Since then, Trisha has come out to say that the situation in Las Vegas was not exactly the fun trip social media initially depicted it to be.

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What happened between Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas?

In June of 2020, Tab David, a former friend of Jeffree's, uploaded a video in which he said that he hung out with Jeffree and Trisha on their trip, and that Jeffree insulted his "friend" on the trip's weight, skin, and past drug use behind their back. At the time, it was widely assumed that the friend that he was referring to was Trisha. 

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He also revealed "DMs with the person [Jeffree] body shamed," which Trisha later confirmed were with her. In the DMs, Trisha tells Tab, "[Jeffree] said a lot of things to my face that made me feel awful that trip," and, because if that, she actually left early.

In early January of 2021, Hair by Jay addressed the allegations on Instagram Live with some rather scathing comments. "How are you gonna talk about a person after you got in a private jet? You didn't spend a dime. Your f--king room was paid for. ... You were such a boring time," he said.

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"We talked about your skin, b---h. Your f--king skin looks like s--t a whole year later, b---h. ... Look at this stupid, dumb b---h. ... This stupid, dumb, walrus-looking a-s b---h. Maybe she should go on a f--king diet and get lipo on her motherf--king brain because maybe all that fat is f--king up her f--king brain," he adds, while watching a video of Trisha on his phone. 

He then mocks her in the video, saying, "'I wanted to commit suicide so many times. And because, like, oh my god, I felt so awkward.'"

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Throughout the Live, it appears that Jay is not denying anything that Trisha is claiming, but that she should recognize that the trip, private jet, hotel room, and concert only occurred because Jeffree paid. 

Through tears, Trisha played parts of the Live in a new YouTube video, before claiming that Jay's comments were "triggering," because she did have three suicide attempts.  

"This is the kind of mean s--t, mean girl behavior," she says. "I was thankful and grateful that he invited me. I was excited until I wasn't anymore, which is why I went home." She also says that the body shaming comments weren't just behind her back, as when she reached for a nacho, Jeffree slapped her hand away and told her not to eat. She also claimed that Jay threatened to beat her, and that Jeffree and his friends not only bullied her for her appearance, but also for how much money she had.

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Additionally, she said that she had anxiety about Jeffree and Jay, and that Jay doxxed her by leaking her phone number and the name of her business.

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Jeffree says he has already apologized, and Trisha never responded.

In response to Trisha's video and the backlash that Jeffree experienced because of it, Jeffree tweeted, "I have personally apologized to @trishapaytas several times last year about Vegas and she never responded, which is her right. I respected it and what happened is between us. Don’t drag me into new drama.. Not interested. What someone else says does not represent me."

"I’ve already said my piece to her and if she ever wants to call or text me back, she will. What Jay said on live was f--king disgusting and does not reflect how I’ve ever felt. I shouldn’t have to say that but I’m screaming it," he continued.

When Trisha tweeted back to ask why Jay was speaking Jeffree's name on Live "confirming all the horrid s--t you guys said about me," he responded, "You’ve ignored all my messages & texts for months yet wanna have an internet circus with an audience? No thank you. Love you girl, you can call or text me anytime."

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