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Here's What Happened With Trisha Paytas and Jaclyn Hill's Ex Husband



Just when we thought 2019 couldn't get any weirder, Trisha Paytas decided to wrap up the year in the most chaotic way possible — the social media star reportedly released a series of videos that feature her making out with Jon Hill, the ex-husband of fellow YouTube star, Jaclyn Hill. Yes, it's true, and we are absolutely dying to know more. 

So, what exactly happened between Trisha Paytas and Jon Hill? Are they in love, or was all of this simply for attention? And how is Jaclyn handling all of this right now? Here's all the tea we know regarding Jon and Trisha's alleged relationship.

Here's the tea on Jon Hill and Trisha Paytas:

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Jon and Trisha are apparently like, a thing now.

While you probably spent Sunday evening reading a book or catching up on sleep, Trisha Paytas was quite literally getting busy — the lifestyle blogger and TV personality recorded and posted several videos of her making out with her new reported boo, Jon Hill, who also happens to be the ex-husband of popular beauty blogger, Jaclyn Hill. 

According to E!, Trisha and Jon decided to debut their new ~fling~ on Sunday, Dec. 29, by posting a series of videos and photos featuring the two of them making out, kissing, and cuddling. Check out a few of the screenshots below, and try not to vomit from PDA-induced nausea.

Source: Instagram Stories
Source: Instagram Stories

Trisha also posted a photo to her feed, with the caption: "Can't wait to get pregnant tonight @jonhill822 I F$&KING LOVE UUUUUUUUU," so uh, that's interesting.

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Jon was married to Jaclyn for nine years before they split in 2018.

Weird, right? And like I said, Jaclyn and Jon were married for nine years, according to Life & Style. So you'd think she'd be a little upset about his viral PDA. But alas, apparently the beauty kween was tweeting about making corn dip and mac and cheese while all of this was happening. So like, that's good... I guess?

Apparently, Jon and Jaclyn ended their marriage on good terms, saying they didn't necessarily work as partners, but they have always made good friends. They reportedly still talk and joke around from time to time. So maybe Jaclyn is simply happy to see he's moved on. However, nothing is confirmed as of right now. 

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We aren't sure if Jaclyn and Trisha have ever met, but let's be real: they probably have.

It's unclear if Jaclyn and Trisha know each other at all, TBH — as fellow famous YouTubers, they've most likely bumped into each other at VidCon, or at the Streamy Awards. Maybe even briefly at a YouTube-exclusive party. Right? 

We're definitely going to need more details on Jaclyn and Trisha's relationship — or lack thereof — but all we know is that this is all really, really bizarre. We really aren't sure what to think about any of this. 

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The absolute weirdest relationship award for 2019 — and maybe for 2020 — definitely goes out to Trisha and Jon... which is closely followed by Trisha marrying that cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt.

I guess I just hope everyone is happy right now... and, most importantly, that Jaclyn enjoyed her corn dip. 

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