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Source: Epic Games

The Twitch Rivals Channel Is a Great Stream for Top 'Fortnite' Action


If you like seeing the best of the best duke it out in the Battle Royale gaming phenomenon, Fortnite, then chances are you've probably checked out Twitch Rivals on more than one occasion.

A huge reason why just so many players are willing to tune into the channel or lay it on the line in the arena is from the sheer enormity of the events that they put on. And with that enormity comes yuge cash prizes.

Like TwitchCon 2019.

A $1.3 million pool was offered to the top dawg in the Twitch Rivals competition, but with a bit of a twist. This time, the Sept. 27 event was open to every player who was an affiliate, meaning there was a chance some names you've never heard of before could have a Cinderella story occur where their lives were changed after nabbing an enormous tournament prize.