Twitch Streamer Has Panic Attack Amid Three-Day Dark Closet Challenge and Quits

Twitch streamer IZIDORE was at the 25-hour mark of his three days in a dark closet challenge run before having a panic attack, admitting he couldn't continue.

Anthony Jones - Author

Aug. 29 2023, Published 3:52 p.m. ET

Twitch streamer IZIDORE giving up on dark closet challenge.
Source: Twitch

In what seems to be another bizarre trend brewing among Twitch streamers, the “three days in a dark closet” challenge has to be one of the strangest to date.

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It started when streamer ERBY challenged his moderator to stay inside a lightless closet for 72 hours. If the mod managed to make it through, ERBY would give them a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban.

Meanwhile, whenever viewers donated a certain number of subs, the moderator was blasted with high-pitched random sounds or shot with a water gun. The mod ultimately threw in the towel after constant hours of punishment.

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Twitch streamer IZIDORE flashbanged by viewers.
Source: Twitch

Despite how that madness turned out, a streamer friend of ERBY, known as IZIDORE on Twitch, would attempt this same challenge days later and promised to demolish his car if he failed. Around 25 hours in, IZIDORE was mentally distressed and having a panic attack, admitting he couldn’t continue with the challenge.

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Twitch streamer locks self in closet and calls it quits at the 25-hour mark.

Unlike the first challenge, IZIDORE’s punishments were harsher, allowing viewers to blast him with a leaf blower or ping-pong balls. Also, anyone could donate $0.25 to flashbang IZIDORE with light and sharp ringing sounds.

The donation barrier to dish out punishment during the challenge was very low, meaning the streamer dealt with one or three at seemingly every second or minute. The punishing donations interrupted what little sleep IZIDORE tried to get and would force him to stand.

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Twitch streamer IZIDORE blasted with water and listening to text-to-speech messages in closet.
Source: Twitch

Amid the challenge, June — IZIDORE’s girlfriend — told Dexerto this wasn’t his first closet stream.

“He’s been doing challenges for years … I think he’s expecting to lose his mind and come out victorious on the other side better for it,” She said. “I honestly expect him to complete the challenge.”

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But once around 25 hours into the dark closet challenge, the streamer began to break down. A concerned viewer messaged June that she needed to stop the challenge.

“June, if you read this then you need to let him stop. He needs to be done and to know it’s okay,” wrote the viewer. “He’s dealing with a panic attack and it’s just gonna get worse.”

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Twitch streamer IZIDORE and girlfriend June talking about quitting the challenge to viewers.
Source: Twitch

Thankfully, June opened the closet, and IZIDORE stopped doing the challenge before things got out of hand.

At the end of the stream, June and IZIDORE spoke with viewers about quitting the challenge. The streamer also confirmed that he would still go through with totaling his car and didn't want to "scam" people from the bet he made.

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Judging from how things went down, it's safe to assume IZIDORE won't try the challenge again anytime soon, but it's possible someone else might attempt a dark closet run in the future.

As of this writing, there haven’t been any updates from IZIDORE’s Twitch or Twitter accounts. The assumption is that he will destroy his car sometime in the near future, but it’s unclear when or if viewers will see the damage live or through a picture.

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