Twitch Streamer Asks His Moderator to Sleep in a Closet for Three Days in Exchange for a Car

A Twitch streamer told his mod that he'd give him a car if he could last three days in a closet. Here's what happened.

Jon Bitner - Author

Aug. 25 2023, Published 3:10 p.m. ET

The internet may have hit a new low (or high?) point this week, as Twitch streamer ERBY challenged his moderator to sleep in a closet for three days. If his mod, c0usta, managed to make it through the full three days, he’d be rewarded with a car.

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It’s a ridiculous challenge, and it’s even more ridiculous when you realize the car ERBY is giving away is a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban — which carries a Kelley Blue Book Value of less than $7,000. Sitting in a dark closet for three days with little to entertain yourself seems like it should be worth more — and at the very least it's worth more than a car approaching its 20th birthday.

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Still, a car is a car, and c0usta seemed more than up to the challenge.

Of course, the challenge wasn’t as simple as just sit in a room for 72 hours. ERBY set up a camera in the closet (which had its lights turned off), so viewers could tune in to see how c0usta was holding up. Viewers could also help (or hinder) c0usta’s efforts by gifting subs to the streamer.

When the stream hit 2,500 gifted subs, ERBY would run out to get food and deliver it to c0usta. When it hit 1,000 subs c0usta was blasted with a water gun. And at just 500 subs, c0usta earned a treat to help him survive the challenge.

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Other punishments included playing a random sound to scare the moderator or setting off a flashbang.

As you’d expect, c0usta didn’t manage to complete the three-day challenge and tapped out after about 24 hours.

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The entire scenario is incredibly bizarre, and fans had a few words about the stunt. Some said they’d “do it for free just to get away from people,” or that it would be the “easiest payday [they’d] ever earn,” while others were a bit more negative.

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“Solitary confinement is considered inhumane punishment and illegal a lot of places lol,” said one fan. Another fan was even more harsh on ERBY.

“Mod mentioned how much a car would help him and his boss was like lemme exploit u by locking u in a dark closet for 3 days while my fans borderline psychologically torture u for it.”

Thankfully, it sounds like c0usta earned a participation trophy for his efforts.

“He tried real hard but he quickly found out his demons were harder and the closet only made them stronger,” wrote ERBY on Twitter. “As a participation medal I'm giving him a Honda Civic hot wheels with only minor body damage.”

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The stream was also a big success for ERBY’s Twitch account, garnering far more views than many of his recent streams. The video is currently sitting with close to 5,000 views, while the last five combined are around 1,500 views.

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ERBY isn’t the biggest streamer on Twitch, with a modest 8,400 followers. He does, however, produce unique content, such as “driving 15 hours to Doug’s house,” “Buying Art Supplies,” and his latest masterpiece of locking his mod in a closet.

To see upcoming shenanigans from ERBY and c0usta, be sure to stay tuned to his official Twitch and Twitter accounts.

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