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Source: Peter Mountain/Netflix

It's Hard to Know What's True and What's Not in Netflix's 'The Two Popes'


Netflix's new biographical drama The Two Popes is already nominated for four Golden Globe awards, including Best Motion Picture-Drama. The movie is meant to tell the story of the conversations between Pope Benedict and Pope Francis during the transition of power, as best as one can. 

But since so much of what goes on behind the scenes of the Vatican is kept completely secret, it's hard to know exactly what the true story is.

Screenwriter Anthony McCarten said that the personalities of the popes are real.

It's impossible to know if the content of the conversations that happen in the movie are true — or how much of these conversations is based in truth since everything that happens in the Vatican is completely confidential. 

But one thing that screenwriter Anthony McCarten says he feels is completely accurate is his depiction of the Popes' characters.