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Source: Netflix

Relationships, Drug Abuse, and Competitive Skating — Netflix's 'Spinning Out' Demands Attention


Will this ice queen be able to withstand the heated sport of competitive figure skating? Netflix just dropped the first trailer for the upcoming series Spinning Out ... and it's a lot. The 10-episode drama show follows elite figure skater Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) who is terrified to get back on the ice after a traumatic fall.

"I'm terrified!" Kat states in the suspenseful trailer. However, for this athlete, she can't imagine giving up skating for good and decides to rejoin the sport as a pairs skater ... enter the totally cute bad boy Justin Davis (Evan Roderick). “I’m used to skating alone. I need time to adjust," the brunette beauty snaps at her partner. Basically, this will totally be a love-hate relationship.