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Source: Getty Images

Spotify Is Getting ‘The Social Network’ Treatment in a New Netflix Scripted Series


You stream your music. You stream your shows. And soon, you’ll be able to stream a show about streaming music. Mind = blown, right? Netflix just greenlit a new series, called Untold. When we heard that the story of Spotify was coming to Netflix, we assumed it was going to be in the form of a documentary. We were wrong! Here’s the info we have about the Spotify series Untold on Netflix. 

Spotify: Untold is Netflix’s new project.

On Dec. 11, a press release from Netflix revealed that the story of Spotify will soon be coming to the movie- and TV-show-streaming service. The project is currently untitled (according to the press release), but there’s a show page for it that calls it Untold. It’s billed as “a behind-the-scenes look at how entrepreneur Daniel Ek and financial partner Martin Lorentzon founded Spotify and revolutionized the music industry.”