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Source: Twitter

Some People's Spotify Wrapped Results Are Revealing Some Uncomfortable Truths


Spotify Wrapped takes all the music you listened to this year (and throughout the decade) and throws it in front of your face as if it's not the most embarrassing thing you'll ever see in your entire life. Twitter is currently ablaze with people sharing their Spotify Wrapped stats. Some own their shame. Others blame their dads for taking over their accounts. One thing is certain: Spotify Wrapped has held a mirror up to society, and what it has reflected back is too shocking to handle.

"Doesn't that make you sad?"

Source: Twitter

Did I cringe because all of my top songs from the decade were from one artist? Maybe. Does that make no sense because why am I ashamed that I like to listen to whole albums, that used to be a thing everyone did and just because the music landscape has changed doesn't mean I have to change my listening habits? Yes. I mean no. I don't know anymore.