"Man I Know You" — Uber Driver Captures Moment He Realizes Passenger Is Long-Lost Friend

"I thought about you a while ago."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 24 2024, Published 11:09 a.m. ET

Uber Driver Picks up Friend He Hasn’t Seen in 20+ Years
Source: TikTok | @danny.b106

A heartwarming interaction an Uber driver uploaded to TikTok went viral for the candid moment it captures — two friends who hadn't seen each other for 20 years

By pure happenstance, the driver Danny (@danny.b106) accepted a ride from a passenger named John (@johnjohnson8870) who ended up being an old friend he worked with at a club called Phenomenon.

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The video begins with John entering Danny's vehicle. Danny greets him when he does.

"How's it going, John?"

"Yes sir how you doing?"

"Man I'm great how about yourself?" the Uber driver asks his passenger.

"I'm good man just trying to keep it warm," John says as he enters the backseat of the car and begins luxuriating into his seat.

uber driver friend
Source: TikTok
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"Right," Danny says as he puts the car into drive, and continues, "it's that wind chill that'll get you."

"Yeah that wind," the passenger says as they ride. "That's what's up today," the man states as Danny chuckles in response.

"The sun makes it seem like it's warmer than it is," the driver tells John as they embark on their trip together.

It's at this point in their ride where it first seems like John may recognize his driver.

"Been busy this morning?" John asks.

"Yes sir, always on Friday.

"All right," John says.

"All over the place," the driver states.

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Source: TikTok | @danny.b106

"So what's your name man?" John asks the Uber driver.

"My name's Danny," he tells the person riding in the back.

"Man I know you," John states. It's at this point Danny looks up into rear view mirror then turns his head to look directly at John.

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In those silent, brief seconds, if you listen closely enough, you might be able to hear the coals burning in Danny's head until he finally recognizes who John is. He exuberantly throws his hand into the backseat in order to dap him up.

friends  years uber driver
Source: TikTok | @danny.b106
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"Man! John! What the f---!" Danny shouts excitedly as he daps up his now laughing passenger.

In a follow-up video, he uploads more footage from the in-car dash following his discovery that the man he just picked up is actually a friend he hasn't seen for the past 20 years.

"What the f--- bro godd--- I know you," Danny says, sharing in John's laughter.

"I think I thought about you a while ago," John said, referencing "the old days" when the two of them used to hang out together.

He even references an old nickname that Danny had for him: DJ Shoes.

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The two men then go on and start discussing mutual friends and what happened to them, how one of them was good friends with someone who played for the Dallas Cowboys, and then talked about someone else who went to Oklahoma and started a dispensary business.

friends  years uber driver
Source: TikTok | @danny.b106
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Danny goes on to tell John that he was one the guys he enjoyed hanging out with the most because they never had any drama between them and that they were just concerned with "making money" at "Phenomenon" — the club the two of them were both employed at.

The Uber driver goes on to call Phenomenon "the s---" but the two men don't seem interested in working clubs anymore, unless, as John puts it, he's the one owning it.

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"They'll never be another club like that bro," Danny tells him.

"No," John agrees.

"Never," Danny replies.

Danny says that at the top of the ride, he thought that John could very well have been his long-lost friend, however, he quickly dismissed the idea.

friends  years uber driver
Source: TikTok | @danny.b106
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"Small world, ain't it?" Danny tells his friend as they continue on their trip, while adding that he rarely comes to that area, but was dropping a "blind lady" off and he decided to get one more fare, and it just so happened to be his friend.

Danny promised to post more of their drive together online in a caption for the follow-up video, but as of this writing, those are the only two parts he included. He did give a shout-out to John Johnson on TikTok and urged folks to subscribe to his channel as well.

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friends  years uber driver
Source: TikTok | @danny.b106

The interaction Danny posted online ended up getting a ton of views: 9.1 million for the first clip and then 430,000 for the second.

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