Move Over ASMR Because the Newest in Relaxcore Involves Unclogging Drains

Obviously a clogged drain can set one back minutes, hours, or even days. But what if we told you there's a solution? Check out these Tiktoks for inspo.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Mar. 7 2023, Published 9:53 p.m. ET

Unclogging drains
Source: YouTube/post 10

Unclogging drains

While the internet can certainly be a terrifying place, there are odd corners and small pockets of it designed for people who love a satisfying solution. Recently, people have been posting TikToks of outdoor drains being unclogged and they are surprisingly relaxing. Perhaps it's the act of watching low stakes problem-solving that keeps folks tuning in. Whatever it is, we're equally as obsessed with unclogging drains on TikTok. In fact, we're feeling quite flushed.

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Heck yeah we love watching unclogged drains on TikTok.

Are you tired of videos featuring water that simply refuses to budge? Well, have we got the TikTok channel for you. Head on over to @unclogged_drains for the best and most innovative water draining videos and hacks. With over one million followers and four million likes on their videos, it seems as if this craze is here to stay.

A tire used to unclog a drain.
Source: TikTok/@unclogged_drains

A tire used to unclog a drain.

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If you're anything like us, you're asking yourselves, "What is getting clogged in the great outdoors?"

The answer? Seemingly everything and anything. The most common culprit seems to come in the form of a lightly flooded street like in this video where the weapon of choice to rectify the situation is almost always a rake. After removing several pieces of garbage, a small whirlpool appears as the water begins to disappear. Warning, these videos are not for anyone suffering from trypophobia — fear of holes.

Some users find the entire process strangely fulfilling while others seem to focus on the auditory experience. "The water sound is soooooo relaxing," commented @tea_with_ladii under yet another intense water drainage scene. A lot of people appear to be fascinated by the idea that this is in fact someone's job.

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Yes, unclogging drains is a real job.

A few of the TikToks on the @unclogged_drains profile come from the post 10 YouTube Channel. It's run by a man named Dave who according to the about section makes "videos of unclogging culverts and drains, trains, experiments, machines, animals, trailcams, howto, aquariums, reviews, things I love and much more." He didn't just stumble upon this, it's a learned skill.

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Dave is actually trained in culvert inspections. What is a culvert? Great question. According to Civil Today, a website devoted to civil engineering, a culvert is a "tunnel carrying a stream under a road or railway. A culvert may act as a bridge for traffic to pass on it. They are typically found in a natural flow of water and serves the purpose of a bridge or a current flow controller." They are usually a tunnel under a road that help "limit water flow in a controlled way."

Again, this endeavor is wildly popular as noted by the nearly 700,000 people that follow Dave's YouTube channel. Under a video where Dave takes us through the unclogging of two culvert pipes, one follower commented, "I take shelter in this channel. I love how this guy manages to make actual good videos and show us how it all works, very satisfying." And that's really the point, to find satisfaction in a world that often feels ruled by chaos. We tip our hats to Dave, an agent of contentment.

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