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"Until Tomorrow" Has Folks Uploading Photos and Deleting Them After a Day on Instagram



There's nothing that could inspire greater creativity than absolute boredom. When you've got no external stimulus or overtly "fun stuff" to keep you occupied, you're going to be forced to go nuts in the right direction to drum up some entertainment. And the recent COVID-19 that's sticking people all over the globe in their homes to self-isolate is doing just that; the "Until Tomorrow" meme is a perfect example.

The Until Tomorrow challenge on Instagram has some people confused.

To keep themselves busy during quarantine, folks have devised a little game where they upload an unflattering or downright lame photo of themselves on their Instagram feeds, but only for 24 hours. Before deleting it, they're expected to DM those who liked the photo and request they do the same.

If you're thinking about participating in the challenge, make sure you add #untiltomorrow in your caption. Here are some Until Tomorrow examples — the good, the bad, and the confused.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

But there were also a number of folks who just hopped on the trending hashtag to put up pictures of themselves that portrayed themselves in a rather positive light. Guess they didn't get the memo or confused "Until Tomorrow" with the "Feeling cute, might delete later idk."

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Then you had people like me, who immediately saw the "Until Tomorrow" hashtag and thought that it was some type of ominous commentary on the coronavirus. Were people uploading pictures in the hopes that a guaranteed "tomorrow" wish would be fulfilled?

You can accuse me of overthinking, but as it turns out, there were lots of other people online who thought that it might mean the same exact thing, or were just straight up confused.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Regardless of your willingness to engage in the trend or not, it's a pretty good representation of how these trends usually work, for the most part. They rarely last longer than a week, and if you go back far enough people's through people's social media feeds, you'll probably find a whole slew of dated meme trends that are no longer funny or just played out.

So at least the #untiltomorrow participants are deleting their posts after 24 hours.

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There seems to be a large number of folks, mainly on Twitter, who aren't having any of the #untiltomorrow challenge, with some even highlighting the meme as a fundamental difference between die-hard IG and Twitter enthusiasts. In short, Instagram is responsible for coming up with lame "challenges" like #untiltomorrow and Twitter instead focuses on stanning K-Pop groups and participating in 12 hour selective outbreak blocks before moving onto another issues that temporarily infuriates them.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Will you be trying out the #untiltomorrow challenge? Or do you have better things to do with your quarantine time?

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