Here Are the Funniest Memes and Reactions to Usher's Tiny Desk Performance

July marks the celebration of Black Music Month, and Usher's Tiny Desk concert has birthed a slew of hilarious memes.

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Jul. 5 2022, Published 11:36 a.m. ET

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The last few weeks have been rather interesting for many male R&B singers. If you’ve been MIA, Omarion faced major criticism for his lack of vocals during his June 23 Verzuz battle against Mario; not to mention, Ray J was slammed for his own rough vocals and blaming his son for his lackluster performance.

However, R&B legend Usher has proven that there is still hope for male R&B singers, thanks to his June 30 Tiny Desk concert.

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Most R&B fans are fully aware that it doesn’t get much better than Usher. Since he entered the industry in the early 90s, the star has continually released hit after hit that has earned him the title of the “King of R&B.” Additionally, Usher is the only male R&B singer with a diamond album — an album selling 10 million copies and more — known as the 2004 masterpiece “Confessions.”

Usher's Tiny Desk Concert
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Usher's Tiny Desk Concert

Since July marks the celebration of Black Music Month, Usher graced fans with a Tiny Desk concert performance that is one to remember. Aside from showing the world that his voice is still intact, the songbird delivered the ultimate meme moment during his “Confessions Part II” set that has set social media ablaze. And of course, the internet has been having a field day with the moment, while also comparing him to other singers.

Here are the funniest Usher memes that’ll bring on a load of laughs.

Using the "Watch This" clip for every scenario

Baby ... Twitter has been on fire with hundreds of Usher memes from his performance. And of course, avid Twitter users have taken notice.

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Black Twitter thinking everything is a joke

If you frequent Twitter, you likely know that Black Twitter births nearly every hilarious meme. Black Twitter always makes a joke out of everything — from the woman being killed by an elephant to Kanye's questionable dance moves — and Usher's Tiny Desk performance is no exception to the rule.

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Usher saving male R&B

After the world watched Omarion, Ray J, Jeremiah, and Giveon deliver questionable performances, fans believe that Usher also paid attention and made sure to bring the house down with his Tiny Desk concert. Hilarious!

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Usher proving that he is one of the few male R&B singers that can actually sing

Usher's Tiny Desk concert continues to be the talk of social media, and the jokes have been flying ever since. It's safe to say that the legend joins Mario as the privileged bunch of R&B singers.

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Usher proving that he is not a studio singer

Real Usher fans know that the man can blow! And while some people seem to have hearing issues or are simply suffering from a serious case of hateration, Usher proved yet again that his vocals are unmatched in and out of the studio.

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Usher hitting the fan-favorite "Superstar" high note that proves he's in a league of his own

For some strange reason, some Twitter users have been comparing Usher to other R&B stars including Chris Brown. And while we love us some Chris Breezy, the young fella doesn't hold a candle to Usher's talent, respectfully. And Usher's Tiny Desk concert solidified that fact for many like-minded Twitter users.

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Someone pulling out a Draw 4 card for someone who declared Uno.

Playing a game of Uno can become a very tense situation. And of course, Black Twitter knows all about the feeling of humbling a player that believes they will exit a game of Uno by dropping a Draw 4 card. Isn't it hilarious that Usher's "Watch This" clip really goes with anything? LOL!

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A man believing that you're not crazy like other women

LOL! It's no secret that some women prefer to keep their crazy ways hidden from potential beaus until their partner has fallen in love with them. And the Usher meme clearly showcases that point.

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A parent telling a child to be on their best behavior to which the child decides to misbehave

Calling all parents! You all know the feeling of telling your little one to be on their best behavior all for your child to act a plum fool. This meme serves as the cherry on top! LOL.

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Male R&B singers need to take notes from Usher

Lastly, this fan pretty much summed up what we all think. Usher's Tiny Desk Concert serves as a masterclass for all R&B acts, with Mario being an exception. Usher served vocals, charisma, and delivered quite the performance for having a concert in such a small space. In other words, Usher is and will forever be the "King of R&B."

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