A Vacationer Got Revenge on Hotel Guests Who Called Dibs on Unattended Chairs With Towels

Haylee Thorson - Author

May 19 2023, Published 3:42 p.m. ET

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If only Lexie's apartment complex had a pool that looked this luxurious...

Everyone who has ever been on a beach vacation knows the pain of finding an empty lounge chair. No matter what time of day you arrive, seemingly every chair is taken by a towel someone threw down to stake their claim.

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However, one Redditor refused to let towel dibs get the best of them on holiday. In the r/pettyrevenge subreddit, a user named konijn12 shared a story wherein they stole every towel left behind and watched the chaos unfold. Here’s what went down.

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A vacationer sought sweet revenge on hotel guests who reserved lounge seats using towels.

Revenge is sweet! On Reddit, konijn12 explained how they got payback on the people who left their towels on chairs for hours at an all-inclusive resort.

The vacationer prefaced that during the first day of their stay, they weren’t shocked when they couldn’t find any empty seats by the sea because they arrived in the afternoon.

However, when they got to the beach the next day, they were shocked when they realized every seat was reserved with a towel. Eventually, the Redditor found an empty lounge chair but noticed something odd: Many of the chairs claimed by towels didn’t get used for the entire day.

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Because of this, the vacationer thought nothing of it to remove the towels from two lounge chairs on the third day. However, what followed rubbed the vacationer the wrong way.

“Four (!!) hours in, an older couple shows up [and said] that they had towels there,” the Redditor revealed. "[They kicked] us off with help from an attendant.”

In retaliation, the vacationer dialed things up a notch, removing every abandoned towel from unattended lounge chairs each day for the remainder of their stay. And the result was better than they could have possibly imagined.

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The towel bandit’s actions prompted a policy change at the all-inclusive resort.

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Leave it to the towel bandit to save the day! Every day after breakfast, the Redditor would watch the aftermath of their actions from the balcony — relishing in their heroic towel theft. While the chaos was enjoyable enough in and of itself, what followed was an unprecedented payoff.

The vacationer revealed that taking the towels from the unguarded chairs prompted countless complaints from other hotel guests. So much so, the resort was forced to take action. “By the end of the week, there was a sign that unattended towels would be removed,” the Redditor revealed. “Success!”

Other Redditors shared their experiences with towel dibs in the thread.

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Reddit user konijn12 isn’t the only person who has dealt with the towel issue on vacation. One user said their parents have a timeshare at a resort, and the window is 15 minutes before chairs become fair game.

However, an older couple didn’t quite see it that way. According to the Redditor, the duo argued they wanted to save their seats for later. “They weren't even saving chairs,” the Redditor pointed out. “They were trying to save open space. We didn’t move.”

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