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16 Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for New Couples That Are Not Awkward at All



So, you just started dating someone new. The relationship is sparkling and fresh and you haven't even had your first fight yet! You probably haven't even pooped in their apartment yet! Maybe you've had a couple amazing dates, or have had really meaningful, swoon-worthy conversations over a dating app. Things are looking good so far, but are things *too* new for Valentine's Day? If you want to celebrate V-Day with your new boo, you might be worried about things feeling awkward or cheesy.

The trick to having a fun Valentine's Day is 1. Don't set expectations, and 2. Try not to go out to eat at a restaurant, because the lines will be long (hello, 45 torturous minutes of standing out in the cold trying to come up with conversation-starters when you're hungry) and the prices will be jacked up. Try going for dates that are activity-driven so you don't end up having an awkward conversation — the more other things to focus on, the better! But also, you'll be getting to know your new person.

Check out these Valentine's Day date ideas that are perfect for new couples (or longterm couples!). Just because V-Day is one of those semi-made-up Hallmark holidays doesn't mean you can't have a good time celebrating it. 

1. Go bowling.

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Bowling is great because you're either fully concentrating on the game, or watching your partner concentrate on the game. Bowling is one of those you-don't-actually-need-practice-to-be-okay sports, and honestly, it's more fun than it is stressful or competitive (most of the time). Plus, most bowling places have the good eats, like pizza, wings and beer. 

2. Go see a tarot card reader.

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This might be a little scary, especially if your tarot card reader tells you to like, beware of any new relationships — but if you don't take tarot readings *too* seriously, this can be a lot of fun, and great for discussion afterward.

3. Try out a ceramics class.

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Ceramics is the new "hip" craft in LA. Celebs like Seth Rogan proudly upload their ceramic creations to IG all the time — now you can do the same with bae!

4. Have a scary movie marathon

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Instead of the expected (rom-coms, comedies, or dramas), go for thrillers! It'll give you two an excuse to cuddle up on each other (for safety reasons, of course).

5. Take a fitness class together.

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Even if you're not the gym type, it can be fun to try Barre, CrossFit, yoga, or kickboxing with someone. Yeah, you'll get sweaty and your hair will get messed up — but in the end you'll feel all the adrenaline and feel-good endorphins...who knows what you'll get up to next. ;)

6. Have a picnic — either an outdoor or indoor one.

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February is a cold month for some states, so if you can't have yourself a classic little picnic (you can always cheat and grab a pre-made sandwich with some chips and fruit) outside in the sunshine, do it on the couch! 

7. Read aloud to each other.

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If you and your partner are bookworms, host a bookclub with just the two of you as members. Read favorite passages out loud and have a few glasses of wine or hot chocolate. Black turtlenecks may be required (JK). 

8. Go to IKEA or Home Depot.

Sure, maybe it's copying 500 Days of Summer, but there's something oddly romantic about furniture or hardware shopping. 

9. Check out a museum.

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This one is a little more obvious, but it's an easy and educational date. And museum passes are usually pretty cheap.

10. Go rollerskating at the park.

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Hear me out. Yeah, you might fall down and that might be embarrassing. But! Rollerskating will make you feel like a kid again, and it feels great to share that nostalgia with someone you like. 

11. Go to the library.

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Another activity for the bookworms! Go to the library, inhale that library book smell, check out some books you've been meaning to read, and get to know your person's literary style. Sexy.

12. Go wine-tasting.

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Or whiskey-tasting, if it's available. Add alcohol to anything and it dilutes the awkwardness right outta your date. If you go with wine-tasting, get ready for some fresh air and pretty sceneries.

13. Make something really complex for dinner — from scratch.

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Like we said — skip the restaurants. They're not worth it. Instead, pick something complicated like homemade pasta, Beef Wellington, or Coq au Vin and make it exactly like how the recipe says to do it! Brownie points (literally) if you make your own dessert. If you went all out for dinner, try something easy like lava cakes or cake from a box (nobody is judging). Ice cream in bed also does the trick.

14. Play bartenders and make up your own signature cocktails.

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15. Go on a tour in your town or city.

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Even if you think you've seen every nook and cranny in the place you live, it's always fun to see it through someone else's eyes. Plus, you both might learn some history about your town you didn't even know about.

16. Get glam shots at the mall.

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You may have to call ahead, but chances are, you can waltz right into a studio at the mall and ask for portraits. They'll be fancy and silly and you'll have a laugh about it years later. Plus, you'll have a cute souvenir from your first Valentine's Day together.

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