Creator Valkyrae Addresses the Addison Rae and TommyInnit TikTok Drama After Being "Canceled"

Content creator Valkyrae addresses the Addison Rae and TommyInnit drama after fans of the influencer attack the gamer on social media.

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Apr. 27 2021, Published 5:47 p.m. ET

Valkyrae, Addison Rae
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The TikTok drama continues.

In December 2020, rumors started circulating around social media that TikTok star Addison Rae Easterling was joining Dream SMP, a private Minecraft server that is compromised of more than 30 popular creators. 

The rumor gained traction in January 2021 when Dream SMP member Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons was live-streaming and said, "Why is Addison Rae in the general chat of the Dream SMP Discord? What is going on?"

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People began speculating that TommyInnit revealed that Addison was joining Dream SMP, and fans were not happy. Additionally, another rumor surfaced claiming that Addison was trying to get the popular gamer removed from Dream SMP. Keep reading to find out more about the drama and why Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is now involved.

tommyinnit addison rae drama
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The Valkyrae drama explained: Why Addison Rae fans targeted the gamer amid the TommyInnIt rumor.

User @dnfkarlnap shared a video, claiming: "If you didn’t know, [Addison] texted Dream multiple times and tried to get TommyInnit removed from the SMP so she could join, but Sapnap said he would leave if she joined, so he denied her.” 

Though there is no proof of Addison trying to get TommyInnit out of Dream SMP, his fanbase attempted to "cancel" the influencer on TikTok.

However, it seems Addison's fans are now pointing the blame at Valkyrae as the person who attempted to get TommyInnit kicked out.

Addison's fans are suggesting that TommyInnit mistook Valkyrae's username as Addison because they both have "Rae" in their name.

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"[Dream SMP member] Karl [Jacobs] asked Valkyrae to join the DSMP, and one day they were talking on Discord while Tommy was streaming, and Tommy thought it was Addison Rae and not Rae. So the [Minecraft YouTuber TikTok] fans got MAD and would send a lot of hate on her TikToks for dumb reasons," tweeted one person.

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Amid the ongoing rumors, Valkyrae addressed the accusations during a live chat, telling fans that she was initially so confused by the drama on her social media. “It’s just the most weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on social media that I happen to be involved in. People are wilding, people are going crazy," she said. 

Adding, "So I just got on TikTok, and I started seeing a bunch of TikToks. I’m seeing comments like ‘Because of you, Addison is canceled, you should be canceled, not her’ and ‘Don’t be shy, apologize, it was you, not Addison.’”

She continued, “People are saying that Addison Rae was trying to kick off Tommy to play on the server, and apparently she leaked his address, and her fans are really upset about the rumors, and so they’re saying ‘Tommy mistook Addison’s username for Valkyrae’s because they both have Rae in them,’ and I’m like ‘Whoa, hold on, that’s messed up.'"

Valkyrae didn't seem too upset by the rumors but attempted to squash it by telling fans that she does not think Addison would leak another person's address or even have access to knowing his address since he lives on "the other side of the world."

The creator did reveal that she messaged Tommy and asked if someone leaked his address to get down to where this rumor started. 

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