All About Victoria Groce: The 'Jeopardy! Masters' Contestant Has Viewers Buzzing

Many fans also know Victoria Groce as The Queen from 'The Chase.'

Alizabeth Swain - Author

May 6 2024, Published 6:58 p.m. ET

In the realm of game shows, few manage to capture the admiration of audiences quite like Jeopardy! Known for its challenging questions and the intellectual agility it demands from its contestants, the show has been a staple of television entertainment for decades.

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However, every so often, a contestant comes along who not only excels at the game but also leaves an indelible mark on the legacy of the show itself. Victoria Groce is one such contestant. Her recent streak on Jeopardy! has catapulted her into the limelight, not merely as a quiz show contestant but as a phenomenon that has the Jeopardy! community and beyond buzzing with excitement.

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What is Victoria Groce's job?

According to Verywell Fit, Victoria works as a freelance writer. Her work has spanned various niches, including writing about restricted diets and science for Gluten Free and More (which was previously known as Living Without Magazine) and Mental Floss. Additionally, she has lent her skills as a freelance editor to academic dissertations and publications for university presses.

Victoria pursued her undergraduate studies in comparative literature at the University of Georgia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in the same field. Even more impressively, she completed post-baccalaureate courses in genetics, biochemistry, and physiology at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Victoria, who won the first-ever Invitational Tournament, is currently competing against five other contestants for $500,00 on Jeopardy! Masters. During the premiere of Jeopardy! Masters, host Ken Jennings talked to each of the contestants. Ken spoke to Victoria and said, "And our viewers probably remember you from The Chase, where you were known as The Queen." Victoria responded and said, "Are." Ken replied, "Are, sorry."

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However, Victoria's correction of her title from The Chase left fans wondering if The Chase is getting canceled.

Is 'The Chase' canceled?

The last episode of the TV show aired in July 2023. ABC hasn't shared any update on whether or not the game shot will return. According to TV Series Finale, it isn't known if there will be a new season of The Chase available. As of May 2024, there isn't a new season that's scheduled to air. On Reddit, fans speculate about whether there will be more of The Chase.

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One fan said, "I don’t think Victoria correcting him saying she’s still The Queen means The Chase is returning. She’s still The Queen in the way that you’re the Queen (given your username), you don’t need a TV show to tell you you’re The Queen of trivia, nor do they have exclusive rights to call her that, and she’s absolutely right about that."

Another fan commented, "I took that interaction as her being like 'the show is over but hey I’m still the queen' like in general, as a joke. I could be wrong though. Just feel like if they were trying to advertise something they would’ve been more specific."

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