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Source: YouTube

What Is Video 1444? An Explanation of the Viral "Cursed" Video


If you’re curious to watch this mysterious new trend for yourself, you might want to hold off and think twice about that. 

Several people have seen “Video 1444” floating around on social media or popping up on YouTube, but what the video entails is quite graphic and beyond disturbing. The 17-second video shows a Russian man committing suicide in his home.

It first surfaced and started trending on Oct. 19, then it gained attention again on Dec. 9, after a TikTok user mentioned it on the app. It sparked a search for the term “video 1444” and multiple versions of the YouTube video have resurfaced. But several social media users have been sharing links to this disturbing footage without telling people what it really is. Worse yet, the video is actually rumored to be cursed.