The Listing for This Camper Went Viral for Its Hilarious Brutal Honesty

Katie Perkins really wanted to get rid of her camper, but she also wasn't about to mice words about the "hunk of junk."

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Aug. 31 2020, Updated 2:27 p.m. ET

"IT IS AN ANCIENT 27-YEAR-OLD CARAVAN. 32FT x 10FT, 2 BED STATIC," the all-caps Facebook Marketplace ad begins. Katie Perkins is getting rid of her old camper/trailer. But it's her brutal honesty about the "hunk of junk" that made this listing go viral. 

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Oh, it also might be her use of some bad language. Let's just say Katie was not about to mince words when it came to describing this trailer, which has housed multiple families over the course of almost three decades. It's not a luxury living experience, but it's certainly one of a kind.

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She says that the trailer was lived in my a family of seven, but that she's part of a family of four who have been living in the trailer while building their dream home, which, she writes, "turned into a f--king nightmare."

About the trailer, she writes, "It is not pristine. It is not pretty. It is a tin shed on wheels. It is f--king hot in the summer. It is f--king freezing in the winter. It even grows icicles on the inside. It could do with full replacement of carpets. It needs a good bleach clean throughout."

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In case you still think this camper sounds too appealing, she continues, "It has a s--t oven. It has a s--t hob. It has a s--t fridge. Kids were potty-trained in it. Dog was potty-trained in it. It has been used as storage for the last nine months. Next stop the f--king chickens are going in it."

Katie concedes that is "does have a pretty decent microwave," so if you're looking for a place where you can easily zap some food, this might be your trailer. 

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If you thought this brutally honest trailer listing couldn't get any more brutally honest, you're dead wrong. Next, Katie lists all the "extras" you'll get if you purchase this trailer: "Couple old shoes in the wardrobe. Abstract art, one of a kind, courtesy of the children. Old bottles of booze under the sink. Pretty sure there's even a slow cooker that was only used once?" 

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The hits just keep on coming: "Beds that have been destroyed and I cannot be f--ked to remove. I'm sure if you are looking at it you can use it for something, I don't give a f--k what."

Katie's expectations were realistic. "I want offers," she writes. "I don't expect a lot but something would be nice. F--k it — if you truly want this f--king monstrosity then I will trade it for a couple boxes of hubby's favorite red wine — Jammy Red Roo or Jam Shed. Get this hunk of junk off my f--king land."

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In case you're still not convinced, she keeps going: "I'd love to say it's f--king beautiful, but I'd be lying. I'd love to say I loved living in it, but I'd be lying. I'd love to say I'd look forward to a caravan holiday, but guess what...? I'd be lying."

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Katie's brutally honest and hilarious listing got so much attention that too many people were replying to her. So she had to add on to the bottom of the ad: "Please don't send me a message unless you are going to come and get it as I've literally wasted so much of my time replying to f--king time wasters."

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Since it went totally viral, it seems that Katie has finally gotten a serious offer for her living nightmare of a trailer. In an update to her original ad, she addresses the trailer directly: "F--k you tin shed on wheels... Well played... Mocking me through national and international news, having reached the whole way around our globe."

I hope that Katie gets rid of this camper, which has clearly haunted her for many years. I also hope that whoever ends up with it is able to appreciate its definitely cursed history but reverse the tradition of being sorely disappointed by the time they spend in it.

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