Virtual Learning Memes That'll Get You Through This Hard Time
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These Virtual Learning Memes Say What Every Parent Is Thinking



Ah, 2020 — you’ve been a year of constant change, to say the least. And one of the biggest has definitely been turning our homes into classrooms to accommodate social distance mandates and virtual learning scenarios. 

We’ve given you a full rundown of the best of the best out there for distance learning memes from the student and teacher points of view. But what about parents and caretakers who have found themselves homeschooling in addition to their existing jobs, roles, and responsibilities?

These virtual learning memes are too relatable.

We’re here with the latest virtual learning memes to say we see you, and to let you know that others everywhere — the entire internet, really — feels your pain and applauds your progress. 

Because you’re making it work, even when it doesn’t feel possible.

1. There's a fine line between parent and teacher.

You're home with them, so you'd know firsthand if the dog really ate their homework, or the internet really went down. But that doesn't mean your littles won't try to pull one over on you anyway. Trust us, and be ready.

2. School supplies — check

If your back-to-school shopping list looks a little different than it used to, we're not here to judge. Whatever gets you through. 

3. Um... what?

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Seriously, who names these learning-based apps, and who has the brainpower and organization skills at this point in the pandemic to keep track of all of these logins?

4. You're on your own, kid.

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You've got good intentions, but it's been a long time since you were in their shoes, and a lot has changed since then. (Don't even get us started on new math.) But we're willing to bet you remember how to play Seven Up — right? 

5. Do we get a cookie for this?

OK, we get it. Learning is rewarding. So is teaching — absolutely. But virtual learning, and virtual teaching? That's some next level stuff, and we'd honestly like a balloon, cookie, a bottle of wine, or a good old fashioned trophy. We're not picky. 

6. Is this thing on?

Is there any panic quite like the one where you realize you're on camera, but not equipped to be? We've been there, too, and apparently so have many other parents and caretakers. *Shudders*

7. 2020 is an extenuating circumstance

Bear with us, would ya, teach? Parenting is second nature to us, but teaching is your wheelhouse. There's a big ol' learning curve here and it's steep. Thank you for your patience. 

8. They've got minds of their own

This year, things aren't always going to go according to plan. And just like the teachers, we've gotta roll with that straight fact, too — but it doesn't mean we won't be blushing along the way. 

9. Lowering our standards, one week at a time

2020, you've taken us from a goal of excelling to straight-up surviving. What's next?

10. When in doubt, farm it out

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We're not all in the position to have a second caretaker to help, but if you do, we can't back this idea strongly enough. It truly takes a village!

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