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When MMA Fighter Says He'd Drink Pee Over Coconut Water, Vita Coco Calls His Bluff



There's a lot that's garbage about life in 2019 but in so many ways you still have to stop every once in a while and say, "Wow, what a time to be alive." For example, though social media has its fair share of problems, it also brings us closer together in fun and exciting ways. 

Platforms like Twitter enable us to find community and connect with the brands and and celebs we might never otherwise be able to give our unfiltered feedback. It has also made possible exchanges like the playful feud between MMA fighter Tony Posnanski and the social media team at Vita Coco.


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It all began when Tony shared some of his unpopular opinions, making it clear he's not gulping down Vita Coco to rehydrate from intense workouts. The popular brand (despite Tony's preferences) clapped back by suggesting the fighter might want to take it easier on the protein.


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Tony's not one to back down from a fight, so he reasserted his opinion about coconut water as actually popular. It's definitely an acquired taste, and I can really only enjoy it when it's mixed with a touch of pineapple or other fruit juice.


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But wow, Tony really isn't a fan. He wrote a whole essay about how much he loathes the drink, which is beloved among fitness enthusiasts because it contains potassium and electrolytes, two nutrients that help tired muscle tissue recover and rehydrate. 

"Why would I want to crach a coconut when I can peel a banana and drink a Gatorade?" he argues in the Huffington Post blog.


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I have to say, as someone who is pretty opinionated, I have met my match in Tony here. He gets pretty aggro over his hatred for coconut water, even dragging Miracle Whip into the fight. (The alternative mayo really missed an opportunity to chime in here, by the way.)


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Undeterred, Vita Coco suggested Tony just hasn't met the right coconut water yet. Tony, uh... disagreed.


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The admitted Twitter troll asserted that his hatred for coconut water was so intense, he'd rather drink their social media person's pee than a carton of Vita Coco. 

Well, said social media person called his bluff.


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OK, first of all, that's a significant volume for one trip to the bathroom. If that's from just one trip to the loo, I'd say that quantity and color is the best possible advertisement for coconut water's hydrating properties.

Second of all, that's hilarious. And gross. But he asked for it!


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Tony was first taken aback and then delighted that the "social media person" went there. And if you're wondering if that really is urine, we've got answers.


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Despite enjoying the comeback — game respects game — Tony's not backing down from his opinion of Vita Coco's product.


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HuffPo reporter Jenna Amatulli confirmed with the social media rep that it was not decoy pee. There was also an argument that this wasn't a lot of pee, but IDK, that jar seems pretty big to me. The human bladder holds 16 ounces, so I guess it's an average amount. 


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As if getting "owned" by his worst enemy weren't bad enough, Tony found himself in the internet's crosshairs. Even Chrissy Teigen piled on. And once the Queen of Twitter rules on a feud, that issue is decided. Chrissy is final arbiter. Sorry, Tony.

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