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Source: MTV

Nilsa Prowant's 'Floribama Shore' Antics Are All in a Day's Work This Season


Where Nilsa Prowant goes, trouble seems to follow. Even if that trouble is because of Nilsa’s own actions that probably could have been avoided in the first place. After her Season 3 trouble-making incident on Floribama Shore that fans saw in the trailer, they are curious about whether or not it means something more about Nilsa’s past before the show came along. In a Season 3 episode, Nilsa flashes her "chi-chis" at a crowd of bar-hoppers and gets in trouble with the police because of it. 

Nilsa is nothing if not someone who always stands behind her decisions, no matter how reckless they might be. But as fans wonder if Nilsa was a stripper before Floribama Shore, it’s hard not to question if it was part of her wild past, even if her wild present doesn't include the lucrative profession on her resume.