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Source: MTV

Fans Are Worried Kortni Is on Drugs on 'Floribama Shore'


Floribama Shore is on its third season and it's safe to say that the show wouldn't be the same without the entire cast who started it all. Unfortunately, Kortni has been MIA for the majority of the season’s important moments so far and the rumors are flying. Some fans want to know if Kortni is on drugs, while others are convinced she is leaving Floribama Shore.

It's hard to imagine the show with a newcomer, but similar reality shows of the past have had to make due in similar fashion. E.g. Sammi Giancola on Jersey Shore, who was eventually replaced completely by Deena Buckner. But just because Kortni could be done with Floribama Shore, it doesn't mean anyone is ready to bid her farewell just yet. After all, who else would we be able to watch drunkenly urinating in public?