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Source: Getty

Here's Why 'Floribama Shore' Moved From the Panhandle to St. Petersburg Ahead of Season 3


Though nothing can ever really compete with the shock value that existed when Jersey Shore premiered in 2009, its spinoff show Floribama Shore has come close. The MTV reality show is set to debut its third season on Nov. 14, and there's one thing that will throw fans for a bit of a loop in the premiere episode: the new location.

The first two seasons of the reality series took place in Florida's panhandle, and the full-time residents were less than thrilled about the partying cast moving in. There were several petitions to get the show axed from Panama City Beach (PCB), and after a cast member's arrest and assuring that they've done all they could in the panhandle, the show has moved to St. Petersburg. Why did Floribama Shore move?