Lawyer Tells Story of Mom Taken to Court for Naming Her Baby "Weatherby Dot Com Chanel Fourcast"

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Jul. 6 2023, Published 4:02 p.m. ET

TikTok user @rebmasel reads a court transcript in which a mother tries to defend naming her baby boy "Weatherby Dot Com Chanel Fourcast."
Source: TikTok / @rebmasel

Although picking out baby names is fun, it's also quite intimidating. There's a lot of pressure that comes with naming another human, and it becomes increasingly more difficult with the more children you have.

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Take it from this Arkansas woman (via TikTok user @rebmasel's video) who struggled to name her fourth child. Keep reading to find out why this mother named her baby "Weatherby Dot Com Chanel Fourcast."

A mother holding her crying son.
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This mom named her son "Weatherby Dot Com Chanel Fourcast."

In the viral video, the TikTok creator — an attorney named Reb — revealed that if one parent doesn't agree on their baby's name, they can take the other to court and ask to change the name.

Reb pulled out a hearing transcript from one of these cases, in which a mother tried to defend naming her son — wait for it — "Weatherby Dot Com Chanel Fourcast." Wow, talk about a mouthful! The original creator then began reciting the transcript, and viewers quickly learned why the mother chose this name for her child.

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The mother said her child's name "stems from a lot of things," adding, "I've always heard of Weatherby as a last name and never a first name, so I thought Weatherby would be [unique] — and I'm sure you could spell it b-e-e, or b-e-a, or b-y. Anyway, Weatherby."

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As for the "Dot Com" part, she said it's a call back to the time she worked on a teleprompter computer at NBC.

"All right, and so, that's where the Dot Com [came from]. I just thought it was kind of cute, Dot Com, and then instead of — I really didn't have a whole lot of names because I had nothing to work with," the mother told the judge. "I don't know family names. I don't know any names of the Speir family ... and I thought, 'Chanel?'"

The judge then asked the mom where she got "Fourcast," and she replied, "Instead of F-o-r-e, like your future forecast or your weather, forecast. F-o-u, as in my fourth son, my fourth child, Fourcast."

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In the end, the trial court found it would be best for the child's name to be changed, as "Weatherby Dot Com Chanel Fourcast" could subject him to embarrassment. As a result, the boy was named Samuel Charles.

TikTok users went wild, with some even liking the original name.

Reb's video immediately racked in thousands of comments, with some TikTokers sharing similar stories. On the other hand, a few others revealed that they actually like the name Weatherby Dot Com Chanel Fourcast.

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"Weatherby F. Sheppard kinda slaps," one user commented, referencing how the boy's birth certificate would read. A second person wrote, "You know, now I've heard it enough times, I actually quite like Weatherby."

Another said that the boy has "the best answer to 'What was your almost name?'"

TikTok comments on rebmasel video about baby name court story
Source: TikTok / @panjake
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Most thought the name was ridiculous and shared similar situations: "My great-aunt was named Earlabeth. When she went to change her name as an adult, the judge was like, 'Yep, done, that's horrendous,'" said one TikTok user.

"I complimented a mom who named her baby Lily [and] wanted to rescind when I found out they spelled it Lillieghe," another user wrote (we would've done the same thing).

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TikTok comments on rebmasel video about baby name court story
Source: TikTok / @timrock5

Another person said, "My friend was almost, almost Geronimo Dynamite."

"We got an infant girl in once called Lucifer," penned a Widener Law student.

What about you? Are you a fan of the name "Weatherby Dot Com Chanel Fourcast"? Let us know!

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