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17 Weddings That Didn't Go as Planned



It's a good thing the success or failure of a wedding has no bearing on how well the marriage will go. If it did, these unions were doomed from the start, because the festivities clearly didn't go according to plan. A lot can go wrong with a wedding, and the more elaborate the affair, the more opportunity for something to go amiss. 

From absolutely wrecked cakes to guests who got a little too exuberant with their celebration, here are 17 wedding disasters that are only hilarious because they didn't happen to you.

5 second rule?

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This three-tiered cake with cascading macarons was really beautiful in the seconds before it became a crumbled mess on the floor. You can see the bride mentally calculating how much money they just lost due to a wobbly table.

Choose your wedding party carefully.

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Maid of honor can be a high-pressure job with a lot of responsibility, so make sure to choose somebody who can handle it with poise, unlike this woman from Florida (naturally). After getting very drunk at the reception, she stole the best man's car, nearly ran him over, then decked another guest. Suffice to say, she not only ruined the reception but her friendship with the bride.

Hold your horses

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Expectation: you'll get a gorgeous photo of yourself riding up to your betrothed on horseback, your white veil fluttering in the breeze behind you.

Reality: The horse gets mysteriously spooked anytime it hears Pachelbel's Canon in D and you spend your honeymoon in the ER. 

"I'm so happy for you guys I could puke."

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Right as the couple starts to exchange vows, their officiant realizes she should have passed up the seafood tower at the rehearsal dinner. At least she had the decency and forethought to turn away from the couple, or this could have been far worse.

Man and wife overboard

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In my search for the best wedding fails of all time, this was not the only wedding party photo session that ended like this. I don't think that tiny little jetty was meant to have so many people standing on it at once. Here's hoping the bride and groom are able to laugh about it now.

Head over heels for each other

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It seems like a cute way for the bride and groom to bid their farewell to friends and family at the end of the night... as long as you don't have a total lead foot behind the wheel. A sudden jolt forward and the bride and groom went tumbling.

Burning love

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The bride seems to be taking this one a lot easier than the groom. I'm guessing the white VW Beetle on fire behind them was his first love. Hey, at least the two of them made it out unscathed!

Bouquet blunder

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They say if you catch the bouquet, you'll be the next to marry, but what does it mean if the bouquet gets thrown into a ceiling fan, causing petals to rain down over all your female guests? Maybe everyone who catches part of the bouquet will soon have a really awkward first date.

This is why pack your wedding outfit in your carry-on.

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Not to blame the victim, but this groom whose wedding suit got lost by Delta Airlines en route to his wedding really should have carried on his garment bag rather than checking it for stowage. I have no doubt the bride made sure her dress was in the cabin with her — if it didn't have its own seat on the plane.

Hotel weddings can sometimes bring unexpected guests...

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Hotels with large ballrooms are common venues for wedding receptions, but it might be a good idea to ask if any other events will take place on the property the same day as yours. Unless you don't mind sharing your big day with a fetish ball, in which case... you can look forward pics like this.

A pants-splitting good time


There's a harsh reality to these exuberant "leap into the air" photos — which is they're murder on the seat of your pants. Suits and tuxedos aren't meant to withstand gymnastics! Luckily, this groomsman's wife was also in the bridal party and had the skills to put him back together.

The things we'll do for the 'gram...

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This attendant thought the bottle was empty and that they'd just get a cute pretend shot of the bride going to town on some bubbly before the walk down the aisle. Trouble is, it was most decidedly not empty. Thankfully, it didn't ruin her makeup.

(Don't) Lean on me

Perhaps someone should have warned guests these walls lining the aisle weren't structural but merely decorative. Thank goodness it happened when it did and not a couple moments later when the bride and her father reached that point in their procession.

It's the thought that counts?

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I find the naïveté of this bridesmaid kind of adorable. She packaged what is honestly a very sweet gift for the wedding party: gourmet sea salt from Kauai, which is a great gift for a gourmand — only when it's packaged like this in individual plastic baggies, it looks like a controlled substance. Here's hoping TSA didn't destroy the whole lot!

Wedding crash-landers.

I am so relieved not to belong to a culture with a wedding tradition that involves hoisting me up and parading me around, such as this Moroccan wedding, because this seems like the only possible outcome. 

That's gotta be a bad omen...

I have so many questions. How did you not realize the dove was dead in your hand? How did it get that way — was this an Of Mice and Men scenario where, in her excitement over being married, the bride held her bird just a little too tightly? However it happened, this romantic gesture fell like a lead balloon — much like the dearly departed dove.

Speaking of birds...

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While rice is the traditional favor thrown like confetti at the newlyweds, birdseed is a common replacement since it's believed to be friendlier to local fauna. However throwing that much at once is not very friendly to the poor bride, who probably spent her entire honeymoon picking seeds out of her hair.

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