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Source: ABC

20 Funny Tweets About the Harsh Realities of Married Life


Married life is magical and wonderful and not at all the Disney princess romantic dream you think it's going to be. Sure, Ariel and Prince Eric got married and the wedding was beautiful, but if we were to cut to a year later, we'd see Ariel screaming at Eric from the bathroom to bring her toilet paper because he didn't replace it the last time he used it. These 20 tweets will be too real (and funny!) for anyone who really knows what married life is like.

Source: Twitter

This is very true. Going to a furniture store without your own tape measure or measurements of your home beforehand is amateur hour. If you're married or have been in a long-term relationship with someone you live with, you know the right way to shop for furniture. It's to descend on IKEA with eagle-like precision.