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Source: Twitter

Bride's Grandma Couldn't Make Her Wedding, So She Brought the Wedding to Her


What do you do when your grandmother is 102 years old and can't fly to make it to your wedding? Why, you bring the wedding to her, of course. Well, the wedding dress at least. And then you do a whole, beautiful photo shoot. That's exactly what bride-to-be Tara Foley did. 

Get ready for one of most moving, emotional stories you'll ever read. Tara Foley was months away from getting married when her Nana was put in hospice, she explains in her now-viral Facebook post. When the nurse asked this 102-year-old firecracker what her goals were, she said that she wanted to be at Tara's wedding. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to fly anymore. So Tara flew to her grandma with her wedding dress so she could see her granddaughter and they could have this one last moment together.

Source: Twitter