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This Woman's Boss Makes Her Eat Her Food, Wear Her Clothes, and Say She's Grateful for Her Job


We have all had our fair share of weird bosses. It happens all the time: you interview for a job, it goes great, and you look forward to the new gig. Then, you get there on the first day, and your boss does something so strange that you just know it's going to be like that the entire time. But it's not easy to just up and leave a job when things get weird, and that's part of the reason Ask a Manager exists.

The site is full of great advice for bosses and employees alike about how to navigate nearly any professional situation, especially those that are actually super unprofessional! The latest reader who wrote in asking for advice is in one heck of a pickle.  Get a load of this story. 

On June 25, a reader with a very strange professional conundrum wrote in to Ask a Manager.

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"I was hired about six months ago at a small business," she began. She's in her mid-20s, so this is her first job out of grad school, and it's a super tiny company: it's just her, the owner / director, and a part-time assistant. Because it's so small, she ends up spending a lot of one-on-one time with her boss. "Sometimes she's a lovely person," the woman continues, "other times she's quite difficult to handle." Uh oh.