Woman Says This Color of Underwear Hides Under White Clothes the Best

There are few things worse than strangers seeing your underwear while you’re trying to look cute. What color of underwear hides under white clothes?

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Aug. 10 2023, Updated 3:07 p.m. ET

The idea of not wearing white after Labor Day may or may not have stemmed from rich people trying to flaunt their end-of-summer trips. It used to be a way to separate classes, but now it's a fashion rule that some people still follow for practical reasons like clashing with other colors and getting dirty quickly.

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But even with these factors, some people remain brave enough to wear white pants all year round. However, many still haven’t mastered what to wear under the pants to avoid everyone who walks by them seeing everything they’re working with.

Thankfully, TikTok has a hack for nearly every average problem. On the app, one woman shared how to hide your underwear if you’re brave enough to wear white pants.

According to the influencer, the hack requires a particular color of underwear to perfect the look!

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A woman on TikTok claims red is the best color of underwear to put on under white clothes.

While I can respect white clothing, I try to avoid them at all costs, unless it’s for a good reason (like my upcoming wedding ceremony), mostly because I am clumsy. I know I will spill something on it, even when I ensure I’m extra careful not to make a mess.

Since I will be wearing white for my fall wedding (after Labor Day, I’m such a rebel!), I might be taking TikToker Taylor Donoghuee’s (@taylordonoghuee) advice on what color undergarments to wear under my dress. On TikTok, Taylor shared her “girl hack for wearing white.”

According to Taylor, red underwear is the best way to hide your panties under white pants, dresses, and other bottom garments. Of course, after seeing her video, several other TikTok fashionistas tried the hack for themselves.

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In a stitch of Taylor’s video, Leze (@lezethelabel), who runs a clothing brand called Leze the Label, tried the hack on her TikTok account. The influencer showed herself reacting to the hack. Leze continued showing her red champion boy shorts underneath the pants, which weren’t visible underneath the white pants.

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During the rest of the video, Leze showed the “invisible” underwear as she posed to show her backside to the camera. After a few rounds of flaunting the red underwear by pulling her pants up and down, Leze confirmed that Taylor was right about red underwear being the best color under white pants.

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Several of Leze’s TikTok viewers called “cap” on the red underwear hack.

After watching her be amazed by the crafty way to keep her underwear from showing underneath white outfits, Leze received plenty of views from TikTokers who couldn’t find the perfect underwear for their needs. Although several commenters enjoyed Leze’s incessant “mooning,” others called “cap” on her and Taylor’s theory.

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“I’ve worn red underwear under a white dress, and it has definitely shown 😅,” one of Leze’s followers said.

“Go outside in the sunlight, though,” one user demanded.

“You gotta try with diff colors on the same pants,” another stated.

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Amid the doubts, Leze proved she wasn’t capping about red underwear being the go-to white pants hack. After going viral with her initial video, she shared another one of her trying the hack in sunlight, as one of her commenters suggested. Once she did, the entrepreneur proved the hack works in the sun but advised her followers to wear “seamless underwear” to avoid lines showing under the pants.

In another video, Leze tested other colors per another follower’s request. The TikToker recorded herself wearing the same pants over tan, dark navy, and grey underwear. She stated in the video that tan and grey were “clear,” but one should avoid navy blue unless they intend to have a see-through situation.

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