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Undos Is Taking a Break From Social Media Following "Gaslighting" Drama



ItsUndos is a TikTok account that belongs to a young man by the name of Zach Jelks. He gained massive popularity on the platform for posting original hip-hop dance videos, and subsequently became a big internet celebrity, amassing some 451k followers on Instagram as well.

In addition to his dance routines, Zach would post several comedy videos and jokes, but now, there are throngs of people who want to "cancel" the personality. Which has a lot of people asking: What did Undos do?

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What did Undos do that got so many people angry at him? It started with an insensitive joke.

The social media star had recently come under fire for a Michael Jackson child rape joke that he made on his TikTok account that begins with a photo of the deceased "King of Pop" and then transitions to Undos pretending to be a child who is getting sexually assaulted by the man. The video then transitions to a cutaway of his toes curling and seizing in pain and then ends.

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Although many of his fans who saw the video initially either ignored or told the young man it wasn't funny, Undos didn't really begin to suffer any fallout from uploading it until fellow TikTok star Miss Hadiya had posted a comment she received from a fan who asked her to speak on the specific video that Undos made. Hadiya's response was a smash cut of people's disgusted responses to Undos' rape joke with a cutaway to her face staring blankly into the camera.

This started a "beef" between Undos and Hadiya.

Undos had gone online to apologize for the video, saying that people accusing him of "joking about rape" is "the dumbest thing [he's] ever heard." He said that those who accused him of doing so are "sick in the head" and that they "need a life." He also went on to say in his apology that whoever is accusing him of finding rape funny probably doesn't love themselves and are attempting to bring someone else down.

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He uploaded a second apology, months later when the drama resurfaced, saying that the joke was insensitive and he's toned down his content as a result, but was still befuddled by the fact that so many individuals were attempting to rekindle the hatred for the video. Undos said he noticed the drama had escalated significantly once the video made waves on Twitter, and that TikTok, for the most part was "fine" with it.

Source: TikTok
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His confusion was primarily geared toward Hadiya in the second apology video, where he questioned why the fellow TikTok user was targeting him and attempting to "re-spark...the flame" that had already burned and fizzled out months prior.

Hadiya didn't directly respond to video apology from Undos, but instead responded to a fan comment that asked why she was bringing it up all over again.

She said that the drama wasn't "that old" and she had only just learned of the video Undos had posted, which is why she responded to it.

Undos continued to discuss the drama online, saying he doesn't understand why "an older woman" would be talking about the issue he believed was dead and buried and said she was reposting "false screenshots."

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Source: TikTok

What really began to irk people was when Undos went to Hadiya's page and began to point out that she is a Black Lives Matter advocate, and questioned why she would be on a quest to "bring down" a fellow Black person on TikTok, calling her beef with him, "hypocritical." He then asked why she's focusing on using her platform to throw shade at him for his joke rather than talking about Breonna Taylor's death and others who were victims of police brutality like George Floyd and Elijah McClain.

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This sparked outrage from several people online who thought that he was using the Black Lives Matter movement to "exempt" himself "from criticism." Many other followers didn't appreciate the fact that he was "attacking" Hadiya for sharing her criticisms of him and attempting to discredit her support for the BLM movement while simultaneously ridiculing her for her University of Diversity "for flopping," something that Hadiya, herself, pointed out that Undos did.

Source: Instagram
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This only resulted in Undos receiving more hate, and the social media personality, who probably became tired of constantly uploading explanatory videos online, decided to ultimately "take a break" from posting online. The young man shared a message on social media thanking his supporters for their love and that he would be back to posting in the near future.

He did make a post on Instagram some 20 hours ago (of this writing), where he jokes about his "cancellation." Undos is still receiving hate online from folks who accused him of "gaslighting" Hadiya. The ire has also spread to his fan base, who many social media posters are saying don't hold him accountable for his actions.

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Source: Twitter

If you want a more comprehensive breakdown of all the drama that took place, honestly, YouTube channel BRE MANIA does an excellent job of slapping a timeline of the drama, and you can check out her full video below.

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