Aaron Phypers' Job Gets Him and Denise Richards Followed — but What Does He Do?

What does Denise Richards' husband Aaron Phypers do for a living? He's a healer, and she said on the show that many people are against him and his work.

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Apr. 30 2020, Updated 5:33 p.m. ET

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While many husbands featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been doctors, bankers, lawyers, or real estate agents, Denise Richards' husband, Aaron Phypers, has a different sort of career. When Denise made her RHOBH debut in Season 9, viewers fell in love with her new husband, Aaron. 

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His good looks, his desire to be a full-time parent to Denise's three kids, and his lack of care when she discussed their intimate life in front of the women made him a favorite husband to be featured on any Real Housewives franchise. 

Per the teaser, viewers have learned that much of the drama on Season 11 of the hit Bravo show will center around the alleged affair between Denise and former RHOBH castmate Brandi Glanville. 

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Now, Aaron, his marriage, and his background will all be thrust into the spotlight.

On the April 29 episode of the reality series, the group discussed Aaron's career at Kyle Richards' dinner party. 

When Aaron described what he did for a living, the cast and fans were very confused, especially when Denise asked him to be quiet because they already had skeptics following him around.

What does Denise Richards' husband do? Read on to find out what Aaron's job is, and why the show suggested that he's dealing with a lot of criticism. 

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What does Denise Richards' husband do?

On the April 29 episode, RHOBH newbie Sutton Stracke made Teddi Mellencamp cry over her first impression of the accountability coach. Dinner party host Kyle tried to diffuse the tension by asking Aaron to describe his job.

"Denise's husband, what Aaron does is something that's more, I want to say cutting-edge," Kyle said. "Even though people who know who have been around for a long time like Yolanda Hadid went to Aaron. And what he does is very interesting. And what you do is really amazing."

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Aaron works at a Malibu frequency medicine center called the Q360 Club, which is where he met Denise. He works with light and sound as a way to heal people, and it's a holistic form of care. Many seek his guidance to look younger and help with their skin elasticity.

"Everything you’ve been taught about how diseases process and stuff works is not true," he said at the dinner. "I have to be careful."

Denise then turned to her husband and asked him to be very careful about what he said because, "we're followed" already. Aaron then explained what inspired him to go into alternative healing. 

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"Age of 12 I was living next to the largest nuclear facility in North America. I watched everybody die of cancer. I couldn't understand why we could split an atom with sound and cause a nuclear explosion," he said. "If you look at an atom, there’s lots of space, right? Electron, proton, neutron, whatever... Ninety-nine point nine percent is space, but it's oscillating at a frequency that appears to be real in our reality. Does that make sense?"

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"Traditional isn’t traditional. It’s allopathic. And allopathic, it means alternative medicine. Look it up. It’s all a measurement of the electromagnetic spectrum frequency," he continued. "I break down stuff so you can all heal you — I don't heal anybody, by the way. I remove blocks, discord, information."

He then told the group that they all had cancer in their bodies. Though much of the cast looked skeptical, at least it alleviated the lingering awkwardness from Teddi's tears. 

After a few guests asked follow-up questions, Denise implored Aaron to stop speaking because of the dangers of saying too much. When the other women looked confused, Denise insisted that they move on from the conversation. 

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Why does Aaron's job put him and Denise in danger?

While Aaron wasn't afraid to speak out about his line of work, Denise later explained in her confessional that there are people who do not value his success and methods of healing.

"Aaron has a job where people get tremendous results and sometimes certain organizations don't like to see those results because they make a lot of money otherwise. And there’s times we're followed," she explained. 

Footage from several days before the dinner party was then shown. As Aaron and Denise went for a walk, Denise pointed out a car that they had seen several times near them. 

Aaron's job may be a source of anxiety for Denise on RHOBH, but based on the fact that she walks away from filming, it will be nothing compared to the drama with Brandi Glanville. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. 

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