Here's What It Could Mean to Backdoor Someone on TikTok

Backdooring someone has a variety of meanings online, depending on the context you're seeing it in.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 10 2024, Published 8:46 p.m. ET

backdoor meaning tiktok
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The popular social media app TikTok is known to have its own set of slang and trendy terms users throw around on the app, making it a bit confusing for casual scrollers to keep up. Recently, a lot of TikTokers are talking about "backdooring" someone — and though this has commonly held a specific sexual connotation, there's actually another meaning to this slang term. What does it mean to backdoor someone on TikTok?

Let's break down the different contexts you may find this in.

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What does it mean to backdoor someone on TikTok?

The term "backdoor someone" seems to come from AAVE, which has been the source of a lot of popular slang on TikTok. To backdoor someone means you're setting them up to be screwed over or, in more severe cases, killed.

Users are sharing videos of them sharing examples of reasons a person would get backdoored, including doing well financially (better than your friends and family are, at least) and sneaking around with rivaling parties, among other reasons.

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According to Urban Dictionary, backdooring can also mean you're sneaking around with a friend's partner, helping them cheat.

Basically, if you're being backdoored, you're being wronged by someone close to you — and in some of the extreme situations shared, this could come at the cost of your life. Though it's not always related to more serious crimes, if it seems like someone may be backdooring you, you may want to question their intentions and decide if they're a real friend.

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The term "backdoor" also has specific sexual connotations.

Though backdooring someone may refer to doing them dirty or two-timing them, there's also another definition for the slang term that has more to do with sex. When people talk about having intercourse in the "backdoor," they're referring exclusively to a--l sex.

This is often talked about online with people from extremely religious upbringings, as anal sex has often been seen as a way to have sex without a woman losing her virginity.

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That said, it's also important to understand the context in which you're seeing the term to understand what it means. If the conversation seems like it's about sexual experiences, then it's probably safe to say that the term "backdoor" is being used to refer to a--l sex, while if it's a story about someone sneaking around and plotting behind another's back, it's likely the former definition.

For those still confused, reading the comments on a video you're watching can help provide the much-needed context. Since slang terms frequently evolve and develop new meanings, you are often not the only person questioning the meaning behind an odd term online — and someone in the comments of the video can probably provide better clarification.

Just make sure you don't get backdoored by someone who gives you the wrong definition.

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